Sisters start their dream dessert business

Two young sisters got an unexpected surprise to help them start their Little Sistas Sweets business.
3:13 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Sisters start their dream dessert business
Damn right now to the freshly baked update on a million starring story we first brought you a while back to sets a sister entrepreneurs helping one another. Yes the sugar sisters and the little Sosa's three hits but small business success story. That is arriving in Colorado. Hi I'm war. Letting your girl. And her husband and three each error error our. Niece aunt. Street. Just treat is age eighteen company need. TV. Christine. He niece L teams in calm wind of girls started telling me that they want to. To have their own business that would save what do you want to be would you grow this could be like ice cream was so cute. Blitz and I realize how serious she lives in saint being you can hear the ice cream. How we stumbled upon sit her sisters and what really inspired me you want to show my girls is there to. The women. Running a business. Anything accidentally was phenomenal. It is. Just meant to eat just disputing the author. Appreciate your he's anxious you're busy show you my daughters isn't so she shallow and eat they're median similar Larry tease is yours you girls. The sister's name. Is her next to. Yeah Easter. We're pretty. Yeah. The parents brought her back he went isn't it sisters just to look for treatments when Britney went inside are incurred are still burning. I'm sure they eat in order to get that money even our hearts. Are you. There's no. How in the world like him. They gay lesbian below what where and I just screening. Kids. I English is speechless. You know people have to be content they don't have to be good it did you see in just for their hokey and there's lots of luck I feel like cotton is. And in the less into my daughters to give back. Even independent. Paris. Exchange not some. Support days. It. Is supporting their needs it never happens at this point sneak her ever saying it's a settlement ever seen eight let me hear our streets better. She's taught us eat. The city we're sorry. Sisters taught last year. It out and to keep doing what she and two sisters I'll leave the new year on her seeing doctors well at. Do you. You know it's always important to get back and I think that everybody everyone's. Can learn from that. That we or learning a lot wanted to help Gary inspirational thank you for that story.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Two young sisters got an unexpected surprise to help them start their Little Sistas Sweets business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73198514","title":"Sisters start their dream dessert business","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/sisters-start-dream-dessert-business-73198514"}