‘Unorthodox’ star's new film wins at Tribeca film festival

Shira Haas discusses her new award-winning Israeli film “Asia” and her upcoming collaboration with Barbara Streisand.
4:05 | 06/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Unorthodox’ star's new film wins at Tribeca film festival
I'm ready to be your Mayor. Paid for by Kathryn Garcia 2021. That was a scene from the new big screen award-winning Israeli film "Asia" starring our next guest, known best for both of her standout roles in a hit drama series "Unorthodox." And she is with us now. Shira Haas, welcome to the show. Hello. How are you doing? Hi, thank you. Very excited to be here. How are you? Well, my co-anchor here, Amy robach, is just raving, and she's so upset that "Unorthodox" was just four episodes. Do I get that right? That was my only complaint, that it was so short, I wanted more, I want a follow-up series, I need more. Are you getting that, Shira? What was that like, it was one of these shows that everybody during the pandemic was buzzing about and everybody got so into during the pandemic. What was that experience like when you got so much exposure and stardom in a lot of ways, during a pandemic, because everybody's at home watching your show? Yes, lots of excitement and lots of love and watching while in pajamas, it is amazing, it is the greatest response and people really from all over the world, and it's amazing that it managed to get to so many different people, and thank you, I will give you the number of the producer. Thank you. I will campaign on my behalf for you to revisit that role because it was so in credible. Congratulations on your tribeca film festival win. That is huge. This film we're talking about "Asia" is about a mother and daughter navigating a terminal illness. It was tough. What was it like taking on the role? It was a challenging and amazing experience, really, it was love at first sight when I read the script. It is love. The subject as you mentioned, it is really not a story about illness, or separation, it's a story really about love, and connection, and life, and the relationship that we are having in life, and how we shouldn't take it for granted. Congratulations on picking up that best international actress award for that role. But we also, another role you are going to have here, when I first saw that you were collaborating with Barbra streisand, I said, oh, so she sings as well and I don't know why I was thinking you were going to do a duet together for some reason but that is not exactly what this project is, tell us what it is you are going to be collaborating with Ms. Streisand on. I would love to have a duet with Barbra. Let's ask you about that. I would love that. But it is really about the stages and the development, and there's not much I can tell, there is still a big time for that, it's in the making, but it's based on Golda meir, early years of her life, and it's called "Lioness," and it is a very exciting project, which I hope soon I can share more. So I'm sorry about that. You know what, we try all the time here to get people to give us something and they don't give us much, but they never apologize at the end, like you just did. So thank you for that at least. "Asia" is now playing in select New York theaters with expanded release next Friday. It is so good to have you here, congratulations on everything, and we will see you down the road, okay? Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, Shira, she is such a talent.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Shira Haas discusses her new award-winning Israeli film “Asia” and her upcoming collaboration with Barbara Streisand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78342357","title":"‘Unorthodox’ star's new film wins at Tribeca film festival","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/unorthodox-stars-film-wins-tribeca-film-festival-78342357"}