3 must-know yoga moves to refresh yourself

Tara Stiles, yoga & wellness expert shares her favorite poses to de-stress and refresh your mind and body.
3:47 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for 3 must-know yoga moves to refresh yourself
He's trying to reset and reef fresh and you know what do better to help us do that than the author of clean lines clean body. A twenty day plan for physical mental and spiritual self care since joining us now is yoga and wellness expert Terence dials. Terrence think is so much for being with us and you know a lot of us are looking and have looked to yoga. As a way to reef rash or restart what should we specifically beef. So of course you can do more when you practice but the real benefit is how you feel along the way so. I'm excited to share with you all three moves that helped let Alan stability help reduce stress. And most importantly that refresh vibe comes from creating and maintaining that great connection with yourself so. Should be given a giant yeah I I'd love to see the first move because you know yoga can be intimidating to a lot of people who haven't tried it so and I've done a couple of times. And it does make a huge difference in your life to get first a police. And first move so treat is situated on one side and real simply connect your foot insulate can be lower high. Doesn't really matter and you know yoga isn't about touching your toes it's not about the pose it's about how you feel and then moved so it's trees specifically stay saw. And easy. You can sway in the breeze a little bit in really feel connected with yourself this of course is great for your core but more importantly great for feeling that nice. Three fresh connection you. I love aren't your next move is one of my favorites warrior to show us hide it. How Lori futures are you are really strong warrior lady here so we all need this here's a lends us for the other toes back. And the great thing about warrior is you don't want to go to war with yourself see can be strong. And stable it's true warrior. Uses this great practice of rule way so that means to use what you need. And simply rest which you don't so it's really the principle of it being efficient and yourself you can achieve more and actually. I'm feeling last justice watching you do it and and and and describe what you are doing our right. The last movie is a good move to end on show us what addicts. So this is something that we literally do all day long just growing up in rolling down from the ground. And you can really makes health care. All of its time not just in your special workout or your yoga time here so this is of course great for a back held for spying health and as we get older of course balance and coordination is really important even for the young folks out there it's great to prevent injury and she feel better in the process so. Really letting your breath movie. In house filling you out the next house softening relaxing getting that great refresh side. And Tara how often or how long would you suggest doing these moves ten minutes is that too little. What do you typically suggest to people especially those were just starting out. We'll every day is the most important you know if you can breathe you can do you know that and you don't need to think about. Fancy positions or you know and claims being super flexible so just taking these three movements. You know right in your living room alone or with family. And just do it every day you know five minutes ten minutes. That's perfect to help you get that connection with yourself and the benefits are long lasting yet and it's something that every one can do terrace styles think you so much we appreciate your time. Any time thanks so much hope you feel better thank you and clean mind clean body is now available where ever books are sold.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Tara Stiles, yoga & wellness expert shares her favorite poses to de-stress and refresh your mind and body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77166289","title":"3 must-know yoga moves to refresh yourself","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/yoga-moves-refresh-77166289"}