Andy Serkis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wink Martindale and more on 'GMA Day'

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines host a spectacular holiday extravaganza!
6:22 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Andy Serkis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wink Martindale and more on 'GMA Day'
spcular. We're still here with Andy serkis and so glad you're sticking around. I just want -- you're me than welcome to sharenything we have- We have candy canes are the os that tas real bad. Depend on what you se. Y. Still has the plastic on it. Who is that is that the door ap ] ?????? ix-time wod champ go medalist sugar ray Leonard. [ Applhaup, man? Oh Howre you doing? Oh. Is that a fruit? Ou brought us a frtcake. Thank you. Have a seat, champ?tc Yes, I ve a little. Tr other fruitcake. Champ, champ,mp, great surprise, man. What brings you stl I want T wish eryone a merry Christmas. Yes. Ap I'm here for the big fight tomorrow night. Right. Arez again rocky field Foth and, you , been a fighter for, what, year oh my god. 50 years. When did you thwomb?ca don't look 50. Well, I'm 60 -- years old. But you know what, I a ndlife. An incredible career. Life is good, man. It's going to be a great fight. T's going be an incrle fight. Incdible fight. T's going be a great fight. Memories? Anything you do specialround the days? Other than eat fruitcake? I almost ti think --Y father, had no money and he brought home fruit for use apples andranges and wepp and I appreciate it much morw use he's gone. He left us inmay, but he was 95 yearold, andhe ber. Good life. [ Ll We'o happy yore here. Oh,ld that be? Oh, my gh. It TV legend Martindale? Come on in, man. ?????? How are you? I honor to Y Thank you. Thank you. Big guy. See you. Theou go.ou broughts a fruitce. Thanu. Who did you expect? Alex trebek. Leme tell yomething he works by word. I work fiece of fruitcake. I'm very. More where that came from. Wink, what do you do for the LI what do they meanoyou? Well, it goes back my Yo Jackson, Tennessee. Had a big family. We didn't have a heck of a L gd always H a od christm and gives under the . Re recently kids take me up to tanalley which idnds ago and love to experience that small town atmospre again. So that'what chrisas means to me. What do we owe this pleasure ofou joinings? In the neighborhood. Hanging O. All I want to say merry Christmas to everybody. And happy W year. And you may or mot be war thlv dnd and was there the night he was discovered1954. Wow. I'm tnly one of six LE who werin the studio the night that "'S mama played fothe first time on the radio, B as a relt of that, his birthday com up, January 8th I recorded a new E and it's sort of a biblical region of how mihave been en god created Y S esley and out in the next couple of weei wanted to here a talk to Y about THA Wow. Of cour, bring us a fruitcake. Olutely. Is at the dooell again? H, my gosh. Is this the tenth annual festival win chef? Lcome, dima. Dima, how you doing? You brought us latkes. And a fruitcake as well. And we ran out of seats. Think the is a plain one. Erin sir, I'morry, man, it's christmastime but I'm so we need that. We need the seat. Merry Christmas. Thank. Nk you. Dima, that's for you. Thank you. Oh, man. Hese are azing. Oh, shoot.I'm droppi ierywhere. We ha two champs in the same -- at the same time and S ma, whatoes into making a championship quality latke? These are the best of the be What goes into this? Okay, I use traditional RECI, and my grandma's Rece. I combthem together. It's so simple, it's just potato, egg, salt, pepper and some onion. T can't behat simple because I'll be honest with you, this is too good. I got hare this. Yeah. Pass them , my frien pass thete down. Oh, my odness. It'magical. Thank you alr stopping by. And not that, I T you, you L are legends in what you and thanyou for the fruitcake, fellas. The fruitcake to last us -- Humbling,uy I want to Y someth What'at? You taught me more about to HT show thannybody in the business remendous job on "$100,000 pyramid. Wink, thank so much.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines host a spectacular holiday extravaganza!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59824782","title":"Andy Serkis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wink Martindale and more on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/andy-serkis-sugar-ray-leonard-wink-martindale-gma-59824782"}