Bellamy Young on kissing Scott Foley, #MARCH4WOMEN and more

The 'Scandal' star joins Michael and Sara to celebrate International Women's Day.
5:34 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for Bellamy Young on kissing Scott Foley, #MARCH4WOMEN and more
In celebration of international women's day, we have a woman here who doesn't take her celebrity for granted. She uses it for good to advocate for women all over the world. You know Herr from her role as president melly grant on "Scandal." Please welcome Bellamy young. Hey, hey, hey. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Thank you and congratulations. Thank you. Hello to you guys. Oh, yeah. How are you? Thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. This is so great, you guys. Happy international women's day. Happy international women's day. And I love your shirt. Thank you. Your shirt says it all. You know, dream. Everyone's been talking about you lately because you kind of had a reunion with Scott Foley. Yes, it's true. And you appeared on "Whiskey cavalier" right here on ABC. Yeah, that's right. Got to have that, but I heard it started from a trip where you ran into each other from Europe? I was on hold for another job so I couldn't take a job. My sweetheart was on tour. He's a percussionist. You're married to a drummer? I'm dating a drummer. I love it. He was on his European tour and I said, I'll stay in hotels all over Europe. You're a band-aid. Exactly. I'm a groupie and you know what? Scott Foley has a whole house in Prague I can stay at. So I started there, and his wonderful wife marika, and bill Lawrence saw me on one of the insta stories and said, is Bellamy young in town? Do you think she would want to do an episode? Right place, right time, dude. Amazing, so grateful. I love "Whiskey cavalier," which is right here on ABC. That's right. Obviously you're good friends with Scott. You're good friends with his wife, and you have a kissing scene. Does that get a little weird? I mean, you know. We don't know. We don't make out. It's all fake. It's almost weirder to do it with people that you just met or people that might be jerks or something, right? Strangers. Scotty is the best and marika would kick his butt if he did anything weird. It's like kissing friendly, like, your uncle or something. Not in a weird way. Nope. Nope. Got to rewind that. Like it's Thanksgiving and you kiss your uncle at Thanksgiving and you're, like, good to see that's how it was kiting Scott Foley. She means that in the best way. In the best way. Now it is international women's day. Yes. And you are working with care for March for women. Tell us about your work with them and who your hero or hero is. It's so nice. Thank you for asking. I'm an ambassador this year for care, the organization care, and we have a campaign to not just have a day for women, have a month for women. Make March for women. Yes. We are asking people to share their stories of who puts the her in hero for you, and I was just in Rwanda seeing the work they do there. Rwanda is a remarkable country in its own right, but I met in particular, this woman named Bridget who five years ago had no access to any money, like, had to ask her husband if she could buy soap, and through a village in the care institute is there. She came together with about 20 other women and scraped together whatever they could, and these women support each other's dreams and entrepreneurships and Bridget bought five chickens and repaid the loan completely and did so well with it that now five years later -- five years later, she has 1,000 chickens. Yep. She gets 850 eggs a day and has a vegetable farm. She has three employees. Two for the farm and one for theic -- the chickens. She has helped with nutrition in the community with all the eggs and she mentors. She gives back to all these women. Everybody should go -- That sounds amazing. She's a hero for me. A lot of people find -- Tell us and tell every day. Tell everybody -- all the women in your life that inspire you. Tell them how much they mean to you, but today tell them who puts the her in hero for you. Go to and take the pledge to help end gender-based discrimination globally. You know what I love? I love your hero is a person of normal walk of life. Doesn't have to be famous. They don't have to be famous. Everybody is changing lives from their own power of will. That's heroism. I would like to push for, you know, women just every day of every year. How about that? Forget about a month. Forget about a day. Forget about a week. All year long. Every day. Campaigning for 365 days. I am. Why not? Got my vote. And Bellamy, you're such a sweetheart. You have such an open heart for so many people. Every time I see you, you bring joy and make people happy and that is the greatest gift that you can give. Thank you for making us happy and coming here and sharing this today. Really appreciate it. And you guys are celebrating women's day with us and we want to thank you and thank you, Bellamy.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The 'Scandal' star joins Michael and Sara to celebrate International Women's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61559200","title":"Bellamy Young on kissing Scott Foley, #MARCH4WOMEN and more","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/bellamy-young-kissing-scott-foley-march4women-61559200"}