Ask Brooke Shields anything

Brooke answers personal and career questions from social media and the studio audience.
4:41 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for Ask Brooke Shields anything
and I like to give the audience a chance to ask us any questions they might have and since Michael's out and I happen to be joined by an icon today, I thought it would be -- -- A good day to continue the tradition. It's time for another installment of ask us, brook, anything. All right. We're going to start off with a social question. So, okay, this is Sonia from Facebook. She wants to know, if you hadn't gone into modeling and show business, what career path would you have been interested in? Well, I started as a model at 11 months old so I don't know if I was like, mom, I want to be a model. So I don't know -- you know, I've been doing that for so long. I probably would be a writer of some kind. I just -- I love -- Like books? You know, I've written two books and I enjoy the process -- or three or four. More than that. Two are children's books but I write autobiographical so I don't know that I would be able to create a novel but I loved -- either that or like, you know, every kid wants to work with animals. I love that. It's funny, I'm allergic to everything but I really find that I'm very -- Like a vet or a lion tamer, like -- Probably more a lion tamer. More of a lion tamer. It's hard to know because I love the business that I'm in so much and I can't imagine being anything else other than an actress. Every area of my life I've sort of -- there's an acting component in it, a different part of my persona. Lions everywhere are disappointed she went with the modeling career. Then we have some audience questions. Let's go, first up, what's your name and where were you from? My name is Jeffrey and my question, brook, is, you've had such an amazing career. What would you attribute your longevity to? That's a lovely question, thank you. So, I think my longevity truly is -- I can attribute it to never just waiting for opportunity. A, I think I had a very good family, very good people around me that I could trust, very few people around me but very solid people. My education I think gave me an entire life. She went to princeton. Thank you. When they say no to you more than they say yes to you in the entertainment industry, you're always being told you're not good enough, tall enough, thin enough, whatever you are, you're not. I would say, oh, okay, I'm going to go over here. You don't want me, I'm going to go over here. And you just keep going to where there's any opportunity and you don't take no for an answer if it's what you're passionate about, so I'm not giving up. Thank you. Let's get another audience question. By the way, brook, when you go to princeton, you tell everyone. That's a problem with -- that's a problem with people especially that go to princeton. I spoke at the graduation and I said don't -- people will say, hi, I'm brook princeton shields. They cannot meet people without telling you that they went to that school, so -- I'd be so proud of myself, I would tell everyone. I worked really hard to get in. What's your name and where are you from? Michelle. Hi, Michelle. My question is, having grown up in the business would you encourage parents of young girls to pursue careers in the industry, or rather, have them wait until they can decide for themselves? I think it's really important that they wait until their brains are a bit more fully developed because the shiny part of it and the Instagram part of it is really not a reality most of the time and I think that with social media it's such a -- it can be such a debilitating, negative business and I think young people aren't necessarily strong enough and I think that they need to -- if it's a passion, great, but get an education and wait a little bit because it's not as fun as people make it out to be. It's a very difficult business now than it was when I was younger, and I had a mom who was fierce and people couldn't get to me. But now you can get to these kids. I mean, I have a 15-year-old and a 12-year-old and the stuff they say to me based on comments is devastating, so I have, you know -- and they're not even in the entertainment industry. I think you have to give them a little time to really be smart about the decisions.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Brooke answers personal and career questions from social media and the studio audience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62251513","title":"Ask Brooke Shields anything","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/brooke-shields-62251513"}