Which chairs spark joy for Michael and Sara?

Marie Kondo helps Michael and Sara pick the perfect chairs for their new set.
5:32 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for Which chairs spark joy for Michael and Sara?
Good. This is a completely different room. This week, right? You did this all in a week? Yes. Amazing. Here's my office. So see? We did it. That was the new show on Netflix "Tidying up," and clearly she can work miracles and we need her help. For those of you who haven't been following chairgate, we have had some strong opinions from viewers at home not liking our chairs. We hear you and we have been testing out different options and you can see them all here. Now we really need to get to this cleaned up. Marie, can you help us settle this final decision? What goes and what stays? It's very simple. What we're going to do is when you touch the chair, does it spark joy or not? Does it bring you joy? This one does not. You can touch it or you can sit in it. Try sitting. Nope. I'm going to go to the one with more potential right here. I like this chair. What's important is how you feel inside. How does your body react when you sit down? How do you feel? Whoa. I think it's sparking joy. Hone your sensitivities. You don't get a chair. That's Edith's chair. I can sit in every chair if I want. The more you sit in different chairs, you can hone your sensitivity to joy. Can you imagine how you would come here every morning and how you would feel in this chair? Would it allow you to work to the best of your abilities? That's important. Mama see the -- sees her goldilocks chair. Okay. It's, like, the fourth of July over here in joy. Just pew pew. I feel like I'm at a backyard barbecue for real. I'm not even going to try that because you don't want to share it. It wasn't an option. Don't you wish you were on "The view," Michael? Look at it. You can't. That's big enough for one butt cheek. So what if I -- there are two chairs that spark joy? For example, which ones? This one and that one. Look at what uplifts you a little more. Which one uplifts you? Not literally lifts you. Uplifts you. The way she said -- lifted me up. You look so good in the grandpa chair. I think this is it. My heart has so much joy right now in this chair. Thank you, Marie. Thank you. This is -- where are you going? What? Is that your chair? I love this chair. And it's so TV appropriate. Are you serious? I love this chair. It literally has given me a 15-minute massage. But you look like my dad in the '80s right now. You look like my grandpa back in the '60s right now. Hey. I didn't know your grandfather was black. I'm a mystery, sweetie. Okay. So you know what? Come over here, Michael. Like peas in a pod. I tell you right now. I'm comfortable. So now that you have compared and see how you feel, you're honing your sensitivity to join. You're becoming more attuned to what sparks joy for you. Joy and I are like this right now. One more quick question. Are we allowed to change our minds if we no longer get joy and feel joy in another chair? Can you not commit, Michael? Ideally you will feel -- you will express gratitude to your chair every single day and this should deepen your love for it, but if you do change your mind, it's fine to let it go with gratitude. You. Well, we got to thank Marie. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" is on Netflix.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Marie Kondo helps Michael and Sara pick the perfect chairs for their new set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60855492","title":"Which chairs spark joy for Michael and Sara?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/chairs-spark-joy-michael-sara-60855492"}