Chicken and French toast with Old Lady Gang

Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha cooked their signature dish with Sara and Kandi.
5:33 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Chicken and French toast with Old Lady Gang
Our next guests need no introduction for Kandi because they're her family. But from "The real housewives of Atlanta," their old lady gang restaurant is in Atlanta. Please welcome, mama Joyce, aunt Bertha and Nora. And Kandi in the middle. I got my family here today. These ladies are known as the old lady gang on "The real housewives of Atlanta." So, basically, we decided to do a restaurant that they were the inspiration, because they were the ones who taught me how to cook and a lot of my other cousins. And now it's inspired something bigger than what we ever thought it could be. So, ladies, we're going to teach them how to make the mama Sharon's fried chicken and French toast. Is this a signature dish? It is a signature dish at the restaurant. Damien's like, that's aunt Bertha. Because clearly he knows everything. The olg. I came to the first restaurant. The first one. He's a superfan. Super. We love you. I'm excited. Tell us everything. Hopefully, we can learn, even me. Before we even start, I got to ask my mom, would you let me set you up on a date? Told you. No, you're right. You're right. You're beautiful. There's nothing old in this lady gang. Just so you know. I'm not renaming everything. Beautiful ladies. I told you my mother is turning 70 this year. Aunt Nora is turning 80 this year. Oh, my gosh. Aunt Bertha? 78 this year. Okay, we brought Michael here because we heard you were disappointed he wasn't here today. He's here. I'm glad. So, you got Michael. Now we're so excited to eat the food, we'll save him a little. Yes, yes. Okay, let's do this. He's not here. So you don't have to save me any. Got to have us back when he's here. Yes, we will. We will. Old lady gang is making a return. One question I have, there's a mistake people make with this dish at home that you guys fix to make it perfect? I'm sure they do now. I'm sure they mess it up, right, aunt Bertha? Yeah, we don't eat other people's food -- So we have snobby palates. Okay. One thing I would say with the French toast, you know, you have the vanilla that you put into the egg. I don't know if vanilla -- people put a little vanilla in the egg batter. Because it's sweet. But, yeah, I mean, everybody does it differently. I just think we do it better. The best. Have to agree. Can you explain the recipe just a little so we can get a little breakdown of what you guys are doing here? Yes. You want to say what you just did, aunt Nora? I put a secret -- Oh, that's a family secret. And then you're going to put your black pepper, your seasons and your salt. Then sprinkle it on both sides. But first, you're going to dip it in the eggs and then you put it in the flour. And then fry that up. Okay, even I can handle that part. Now, what are you doing at the other end, silent mama? Bertha can translate for you. Well, what I just did -- well, what I just did was, I mixed the -- Honey. The honey. Let me talk. There you go. Honey. Honey. And vanilla. And milk. Okay. I'm mixing it all together. And then the eggs. Okay. I combined all that together, mix it up, and then, once I did that, then I put the -- I dropped the toast in and I'm letting it brown and putting it on the skillet and then I'm going to flip it over and then there will be French toast. It's delicious. It's an easy recipe. Yeah, it's really easy. But for some reason -- People keep messing it up. It tastes better when you come to old lady gang. So don't make it, just go to old lady gang. Like Damien will be doing soon. Thank you so much. For joining us in our kitchen. I know I love you Michael. But I love you. Circle of life. When you're in Atlanta area check out the old lady gang's three locations.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha cooked their signature dish with Sara and Kandi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62555641","title":"Chicken and French toast with Old Lady Gang","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/chicken-french-toast-lady-gang-62555641"}