David Alan Grier hilariously explains what's not cool

"The Cool Kids" star David Alan Grier plays "What's cool, kid?" on "GMA Day."
3:35 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for David Alan Grier hilariously explains what's not cool
talking AUT you'rgood cook and you have a blog called the chocate glutto I I haven't posted while. Ologize but I cooked right befo I got oe ye Wt's your specialty? Well, like for this show I usual a brisket a in and serve it to everybody.d brisket.oked it foabout six or seven hours, this 20-pound isne in four minute Really? Gone! People werlling it oeb that was at What did I before left, I cooked a 12-houhear Bolognese. It's just golden. I feel like we got Robb he dn' anything. I would iit I feel like a return visit is due. Yes, ma'am. Come beang gif. Yes, I . Whonor of yr W show "The cool kids." We Wil cool kid end, things millennials are into an ll give us your take on them ane calling this is this cool, kid? Okay, I'm ready. I'll T us off. What do you think about dad sneakers? Lete see, WHE we at? , T me tell U G, as a man when S woman with ese big asshm thinking, you just union rgery, your archesl. Yogoes sothng with your fe it's N encourage. Okay, there will be no toe sucking. None of th. No toeucking. T dance challenges, the one we'll show is callhe Che. I see some mishaps online. That's coo that's the one where you are doing -- T's "In myeelings."on't do that that's fin you ain't going to kill yourself doing chute. We lite.things cardi B. I like cardi B. Me too.he's -- you know what it is, a lot like Tiffany haddish, she's real I love Tiffany haddish. He's from th is unedited and really I think that T I mean, she'w. Shs real, ma S no pretense, okay. What you see is what you get. Can you do her rr Michael -- Ave a gap that doesn't allo to do it. Tt's why I wado it sed subtitl. I sound lik a pig CDI B needsubtitles. , What, what is she saying? I get all of it. [ Laht Iove it. Okay, anone last one, avoc Let me you sometng GHT now,te people, stop it. Stop I avo toast, I'm speaking for thnation of XI otleg guacole. Stop it. Y'all ys stealing something. Stop I avocado as applause ] I never ordeit again.p it, now. Let's get some guacamole. Thank youmuch for bng

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"\"The Cool Kids\" star David Alan Grier plays \"What's cool, kid?\" on \"GMA Day.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58152990","title":"David Alan Grier hilariously explains what's not cool","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/david-alan-grier-hilariously-explains-cool-58152990"}