'Frozen' understudies perform 'Let It Go'

Sara and Keke shine the spotlight on "Frozen" understudies Alyssa Fox and Aisha Jackson.
4:38 | 04/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Frozen' understudies perform 'Let It Go'
So, when you have a show on Broadway you need understudies in case the star can't go on. For instance, Michael Strahan wasn't able to do to today's show so keke was ready to step in. Looking forward to working with you. Please don't get sick, Sara. We want to celebrate these talented people. In a segment we call "Understudy From the Broadway hit frozen, please welcome Alyssa fox and aisha Jackson. Hi, Sara. How are you guys doing? Hi. Hi, you guys. We have a question that we need to start off with, it's heavy lifting, have you ever had an awkward run-in with an ex or a frenemy? Sometimes you run into people that you worked with and you can't remember their name isn't that awkward? You're like, hey, you. Hey, you. How's it going? It might be a little weird if I walked into a callback and my ex is behind the table. That hasn't happened. But that would be awkward if that happened. Proactive. Okay, technically, you guys are standbys. Not understudies. Yes. Close to showtime, have you been called, what's the closest you have been called? We have to be on call all the time. One time I went on midshow. Midway through act 1, she didn't feel well enough to finish the show. So I stepped in. I was actually taking a nap on the seventh floor and I had to run down and sing. Exactly. Exactly. She's Elsa. She called out midshow and our job is just to step in that moment. They threw my costume on and my wig. I was singing "Let it go" six minutes later. It's almost like you have the harder gig. You have to be like, go. Sometimes. Sometimes. The latest for me was five minutes until place. Okay. I thought my job was high pressure until I met these two. Broadway is no joke. Heck no, but there are a dozen brand-new songs, plus songs you love for the musical, like "Let it go." You're here to sing a special version of the finale song. Take it away. ��� There's so much I have longed to say ��� ��� say it all beginning with today ��� ��� it's like a dream I thought could never be ��� ��� Elsa you're free ��� ��� let it go let it go ��� ��� show us what you can do ��� ��� let it go let it go ��� ��� the magic one is you ��� ��� because here we stand in the light of day ��� ��� let the sun shine on ���

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Sara and Keke shine the spotlight on \"Frozen\" understudies Alyssa Fox and Aisha Jackson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62459485","title":"'Frozen' understudies perform 'Let It Go'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/frozen-understudies-perform-62459485"}