Funny guy David Alan Grier talks 'The Cool Kids' on 'GMA Day'

David Alan Grier hilariously tells Sara Haines and Michael Strahan what's not cool.
5:05 | 09/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Funny guy David Alan Grier talks 'The Cool Kids' on 'GMA Day'
Anu know ourext guest from the hit show "In livinr" and now David Alan Grier stars in a brand show called "The co" take a look. Woman, dot you start with me. Thisall your flt. Nothing but trouble. Because of you jerryl never get Hien casket. Why don't you just flip the lid. D't you tou him. Shoot, knong you, liable drop him.agh. Oh. Pase E David Alan Grier. Mh. How Yes.h. Whoo. How U ? I'm good. Looking good. I'm good. These seats grab you, man, ooh. So, 'S up? I love your look. Thank you. Until this I hadn't seen you wi beard. Well, this for thehow. I'm trying to be my dusty crusty best. Dusty crusty best. Es. Do you like the beard? O. Like a gra so she don' like the beard. She want -- It's ke kissing loofah. I don'tnow but I read this ticle that T's a survey wy found people with beardtht R beard. Rll This IST so wa my beard ree or fou times -- WRE would Y be sleep reporter, man. I don'know. Thidn't say W there. Ey just saidere. He's just anewsman. Yes. Youplaying clrl oldethan yoursf. Absolutel I'. Right. Right. [ [ Laughter hey believe. Hold onldn. Alght. I'm I'm . But -- I'm Are you? 59? Howld 'Ms old. I'm 62. Yes, 62. Now -- 62 years O I el great. I'm really happy. I heard bec you were play so Y Ying to grour hair O for E part. That didn't work out. Hat happened was, you know, in the pilot I wore we call it the ring, you , and they crinkle es give me liver spots said, lisn to the , I'm a method gw I O crazy, I mean, it was bullet holes. There's a doughnut.e'kind of stf up in here. After I whi had to C I I was doing nnie" at the Hollywood bowl D I had thprthere nd I cut mha theyghere I am. I LE the lo Thank you. It's a go look. Thaing thank you. Nd this sh, great ca othis show. Martin mull, Vicki Lawrence. Leslie Jordan. Like comedy -- comedy legends ane T members,oually wrote note to when you were in high school. Well, martin mull, this is his LI career. In the 'S he was -he put out albums. Wia l-inter and now he's an actor. Buwhen I wasn school I met him inetroit at the Pickford Shelby hotel. I was with my girlfriend and is is the ser I ever really met and we S he was performing therand I ote a note to him on a napkin in our ltle oth. H, nice. Oh. Id him the story I walter, yea later D remember but re 're workingether so completes the circle. I me I feel relyte. Vicki Lawrence. Vicki laence on "The car burnt show." Es. Id you groupatching -- D you fan Y Lawrence. Well, first I W real cool but then finally we were doing annterview tether and I brokdown. I lost coolness. I was, like, I grew U watch you. "Mama'sand she's E be.she's the best. She's the best. She's probalike I getll the's cool. You know what it is, this cast, anme I'm worng people and they make me nervous this makes me -- I have to be on my game. Understando keep up th C theans I havto step up to the plate. To their lev so that's what I like. WTEN breaksecause among funny PEOP sobody has tbe giggl on that S oh, my gosh, is it you? We all break a little bit. Each otheup. Leslies a mess.he is the funniest dude on or ofthe camera S alcrng up. We N't let yogo yet. Stay tun.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"David Alan Grier hilariously tells Sara Haines and Michael Strahan what's not cool.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58152971","title":"Funny guy David Alan Grier talks 'The Cool Kids' on 'GMA Day' ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/funny-guy-david-alan-grier-talks-cool-kids-58152971"}