JLo and A-Rod's health challenge to Michael Strahan

Michael accepts their no sugar, no carb challenge and dares Shaq, Jay Glazer and Leslie Jones to do the same.
3:09 | 01/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for JLo and A-Rod's health challenge to Michael Strahan
Last night, I was numbing my brain on Instagram. Okay. And I saw this post. So you know how J. Lo and A-Rod are always working out? Does anybody follow them? Yeah. They have -- they own gyms together. Have programs. They're always -- They're always looking superhot while working out. It's ridiculous. Last night, they announced they started a health challenge -- a health adventure. They're going to start ten days of avoiding sugar, carbs, all of that. I'll tell you right now? Ten days? I don't think they would approve of the krispy kremes. They don't want to do it alone. So they're inviting us into their inner circle of hlt adventure. They're nominating people to join them. I have to try another one. That was good. Oh, my gosh. You aren't joking. You're spilling frosting on yourself. Trust me. It's krispy kreme, I don't care. No, but they are challenging people to join them pip think we should see who they have asked? Baby, who do you want to challenge? I'm going to challenge my boy, Gary V. You're always running your mouth. Try doing it with no sugar. No carbs. And to my boy, Michael Strahan. Stra, you have been challenged. Mark Mastro, my partner. Go get it! I mean, come on, man. Leave me out of your problems. I don't want any problems. I just want to have my doughnuts. Second doughnut. Sec -- Can you do this? I mean -- I can -- okay. I'm going to accept it. Okay. A-Rod. I accept your challenge. But, I'm going to start -- no, I'm going to start Monday. Because shake shack, they have these truffle fries. And I've gotta -- I haven't tried them yet. I won't get to try them until like Saturday or Sunday. So A-Rod, I accept your challenge. I'm going to do it on Monday. I promise, that's when I'm going to start. But if I've got to do it, I have to challenge three people myself then. That's part of the challenge. Who are you going to challenge? Um. Monday. I have until Monday. I'm going to challenge my boy Jay glaser. Who works with me at fox NFL Sunday football. Jay glaser, you -- oh, our pedicure friend, Shaq. Oh, one of my favorites. Oh. Get someone good. Get someone really good. Oh. Leslie Jones from "Saturday night live." Yes, Leslie Jones, I challenge you. Jay glaser, Shaq, Leslie Jones. I damages you. I have until Monday. Leave those right here. Don't take them. But thank you. I appreciate it. And, you know -- I can't believe he called me out like that nationally. Okay. All right, Alex. I got you. While wearing sunglasses inside. I'm going to do a. Yeah, he was raring sunglasses inside, I noticed that, too. I'm going to do a before and after photo shoot shirtless. I got to show the results. You think ten days is going to be that drastic? You know what? I morph. Have you seen "Magic Mike xxl"? I have seen "Magic Mike xxxxxx" a lot of Xs on that one.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Michael accepts their no sugar, no carb challenge and dares Shaq, Jay Glazer and Leslie Jones to do the same.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60599874","title":"JLo and A-Rod's health challenge to Michael Strahan ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/jlo-rods-health-challenge-michael-strahan-60599874"}