John Legend can be your virtual assistant

Michael and Sara try out Google's latest technology.
1:41 | 04/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Legend can be your virtual assistant
Google has just announced that you can make John legend the voice of your Google assistant. Really? Yeah. He's like the -- I turned siri into an Australian man but you can turn Amazon -- not Amazon. Totally different company. Google assistant into John legend. He's the first celebrity. First celebrity ever to partner up to do this. You can make your Google home his voice. You say, hey Google, talk like a legend. All right, well, let me try this out. Hey Google, who holds the single season record for sacks in the NFL? According to wikipedia, sacks became an official statistic in 1982. Michael Strahan of the New York giants holds the record with 22.5 which he had during the 2001 season. Is that really John legend? Yeah, that is John legend and John legend, thank you. It's special coming from John legend. Did it sound good on the ears? Yeah, very soothing. I want to see how flexible this is if we're using terms like speak like a legend. Let's see if Google can talk like a trump. Of course I can speak like Donald Trump. You know who can't speak like Donald Trump, Alexa. That's because that's Jeff bezos and Jeff bezos is a complete failure, total loser and he's bald. I feel like -- Excuse me, I'd also like to say that Jeff bezos, nobody likes prime shipping. We're going to repeal and replace prime shipping, thank you. Google just got like a little bitter. I'll tell you right now, you're not in control of Google anymore. I am from now on. I ask very simple questions. You ask the tough stuff.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Michael and Sara try out Google's latest technology. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62199890","title":"John Legend can be your virtual assistant","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/john-legend-virtual-assistant-62199890"}