What's up with Kanye's Coachella church clothes?

Sara and Kandi Burruss discuss Kanye's Sunday service.
2:18 | 04/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What's up with Kanye's Coachella church clothes?
You all know about Coachella. Did anyone else get confused of how long that lasts? Every time I see a fresh new article, it's still going on -- Coachella. Yes, I didn't realize, it's two weekends back-to-back. It's a lot. Honestly, I didn't realize until beychella last year, when Beyonce changed it. Now your expectations are probably too high. But this weekend was actually about Kanye at Coachella. So he did kind of -- he had his Sunday service and you can see him up there in the baggy purple clothes. I'm not trying to insult him, but he was inspired by an Easter egg clearly. Oh. But this was the first time, because I guess his Sunday services are really an exclusive event. You have to be kind of invited. This was first time he was doing it for anyone with a Coachella bracelet could come. Before it even happened, he announced that he was going to bring his Sunday service to Coachella. But, no, I mean, a lot of people, you know, had some good things to say and some people had not so great things to say. I thought it was pretty cool, personally. He decided to sell some -- I guess they're calling them controversial church clothes. $50 Jesus walk socks and $70 "Trust god" tees. $225 sweatshirts and people were complaining. But guess what, though, when you look at the pictures from Coachella, people only have on bikinis, so they need those sweatshirts. I'm saying. I'm saying' you got to go to church service and you only have a thong, I mean, you need to put a sweatshirt on. Supply and demand. She's totally speaking the truth. I'm surprised people are surprised at the cost. He's a designer. Just because it says "Jesus" on it you don't get a discount. I feel like any designer that's the type -- that's his market price. True. Correct? I agree with you on that. No one is forcing you to buy it? Exactly.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Sara and Kandi Burruss discuss Kanye's Sunday service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62555980","title":"What's up with Kanye's Coachella church clothes?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/kanyes-coachella-church-clothes-62555980"}