The MCs of 'Top Shelf 1988' perform in Times Square!

MC Serch, MC Lyte, Special Ed and Chubb Rock visit "GMA Day."
6:14 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for The MCs of 'Top Shelf 1988' perform in Times Square!
It brings total he had hip hop royalty. Here today in our next guest they represent the golden era of a possible these are hard at not only made chart topping hit. But they are also regarding some of the best games the tussle mind. Rockford school. Three decades recommending the new album until 1988. Please look at these virtual transient life that's. And so walked. Top itself from. 1988. It'd the new album thirty years in the making so we're curious what was it like to be hip hop artists and 1988. The best time ever I mean everything everything was cool to close the music. We we had community in hip hop which was extremely important so all my Brothers. All of it in that area there they helped to make and break the records in in New York City with him. It in now know for for all of the all of you like in my brain because I've I've been in the club when you perform you'd even know what. You'll album new album. I you I had a malls and this is like retreat I gotta say for us to have gone on Saturday you have no idea is now. And stuff we're told told me you do not get the gas phase so I don't want to look today Betsy piece that you. What I just wanted one moment because 88 was really upon us and it was important to. Off family and friends but we lost two people that work really impact will in all in our community. And we have did she has yet to represent them here is spirits dollar rock from boogie down productions Chris slightly violate up. Red alert thank you thank you for all of that thinking. Well dead killed. Normally it's over there who own homes made the call to what it is thank you. You know we are excited to hear you guys are performed the first wanna get a quick shout out to photographer Ernie. Potentially he provided all of the great visuals TC around the studio he also has a new book out hit pop. At the end of the world available at rather Ernie dotcom boom yet again and now forming a medley of Ryan spoke classic in new you give up a free BMC is up top shelf now 88. And DJ Kool V. Can't we can't make go. All the way to. I'm an act out what it takes. Just like yeah. How would outweigh the Chinese on my feet and I make eight. Look at lions Coco Orlando yeah. The planting and we didn't do. You know I'm Lana. How Leonhard. The panel right here yeah. At my school work. Our whole whole whole whole and added we got to go back. I know we what you have made and top shelf 1988. Dot com but we got to take a back to the left corner man. Do you think using acoustical let's just what reprieve would just take it seriously and we even have my. He was so why Cubans and her three. Two M. I am pretty. Right yeah. What does could be used to help pay for it and 88 he was and pay special. You don't know much tones. Arena home and it's not until team. Hey we're already displays of what is so that it would I got it made famous that is in some light snow. Qualified person you're. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

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{"id":59628572,"title":"The MCs of 'Top Shelf 1988' perform in Times Square! ","duration":"6:14","description":"MC Serch, MC Lyte, Special Ed and Chubb Rock visit \"GMA Day.\"","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/mcs-top-shelf-1988-perform-times-square-59628572","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}