Meditation mythbusters!

"Stress Less, Accomplish More" author Emily Fletcher debunk some common misconceptions about meditation.
5:13 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Meditation mythbusters!
Today, we're going to debunk a few of those notions in a segment we're calling "Meditation mythbusters." To help us do just that, the founder of ziva meditation, please give a warm welcome to Emily Fletcher. Okay, now, Emily, when I think of meditation right away I think of it helping with stress. We're more stressed than ever. What is the stress doing to us You're absolutely right. Even if you have a great life and you've been drinking green juice for ten years, chances are you have some stress stored in your body. Stress is responsible for 90% of all medical visits, according to a recent study. When we're in fight or flight we can't perform at the top of our game. The great news is, if you're willing to invest 2% of your day in this type of meditation, the other 98% can be productive. Myths, I'm too busy to meditate. I can't clear my mind. I have so much going on. What's wrong with that statement? This is the biggest obstacle for most people. They think the point is to clear their mind. Here's some really good news for anyone who has tried meditation and think they're failure, the mind thinks involuntary. Just like the heart beats involuntary. Give your brain a command to shut up is as impactful to give your heart to stop beating. Your sleep becomes me efficient. Your to-do list that takes five hours now takes three hours. You have more time in your day because you're not wasting your time trying to clear your mind. The biggest one is sleep. That's what drove her meditation. If you have sleep issues. The relaxation of meditation can help you with those issues. Another myth is that you have to sit straight up. I always think of this position right here. If you're a monk you might need to sit in uncomfortable positions, the fancy fingers. But if you're someone with a busy mind and a busy life you don't have to have silence. As a matter of fact, what I teach in the book is giving your body rest which is five times deeper than sleep. Because it's so restful, you actually want to sit with your back supported and your head free. This is great. You can do it on the couch, at the office, even with your kids screaming in the next room. That's probably going to happen. But there's another myth, this is the next myth, it's about mental health only. Yes. So, of course, meditation can help with anxiety and overwhelmed mental issues, but the benefits don't stop there. Because this meditation is getting rid of stress from your body there are physical benefits as well, it can improve your immune system. I didn't get sick for 8 1/2 years after I started meditation. It can reverse your body age. I'm actually 86 years old. I'm 21, that's so funny. The other cool benefit is that it can actually improve your sex drive. What? Oh. He's meditating. He's meditating. I don't want them to know. I thought that might get you. Please do explain that one. We just sold it to Michael, but for viewers at home, who don't have the book, you've written a book, they don't have that, they just want quick instructions on how they can change their life today. The great technique. It's simple. If you feel you have an anxiety or panic attack coming on, inhale through the nose for two. Exhale through your mouth for four. We all can do it together. Inhale through the nose for two. Exhale through your mouth for four. Continue on. I'll tell you what's happening in your brain right now. Inhale through your nose for two. Big belly breath. As you're exhale, you're starting to strength the nerve, the superhighway between the brain and body. One final time, biggest inhale all year, and as you exhale, letting go of any stress and anxiety. It's simple, but if you're about to have an anxiety attack, you don't have time for something complicated, you need it to be very, very effective. That's so true. Emily, you've been very we appreciate you. I've always wondered about meditation. George Stephanopoulos, robin Roberts. Dan Harris. Gio Benitez, they're so big into meditation. I ran into gio right after he came from your seminar this past weekend. Thank you for being here. Now you have some new converts here. I'm already in it. Thank you for endorsing the book. I'll do a meditation course here at "Strahan & Sara." Oh, that's what I'm talking about. Make sure you bring your mom with you. She loves y'all. Everybody, in our audience, you can get started meditating now because you're all going home with a copy of Emily's

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"\"Stress Less, Accomplish More\" author Emily Fletcher debunk some common misconceptions about meditation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62435282","title":"Meditation mythbusters!","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/meditation-mythbusters-62435282"}