Michael and Sara's #dare2chair winner

Barbara from New Jersey brings her favorite chair to the set.
2:32 | 02/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael and Sara's #dare2chair winner
Last week was a big week for us. We unveiled the new title, the Sara Haines power hour starring the incomparable Sara Haines and that football guy. So -- I can't believe you got a graphic made up. It's really getting out of hand. It is. It is. You're getting out of hand. Anothething we unveiled was our new set. And people seemed to love our new set, though we took a little heat over the chairs. A little bit. They love the new set overall. We challenged people to help us out on social media, @strahan&sara. And send us picture of themselves in the chairs using the hashtag daretochair. We said maybe one person we liked, we would fly them and their chair to New York to watch our show in their chair. Yeah. Well, what a great deal, right? Well -- that person is here today. Yes, they are. Ladies an gentlemen, please give a huge welcome to our dare to chair champion, Barbara sarasso. Barbara! Barbara, are you so excited to be in the big city? I am very excited. Yes. We flew you all the way from -- Old bridge, New Jersey. Old bridge, New Jersey. We don't skimp around here. That's like a 45-minute drive or a three-minute flight. But okay. Thank you for being here. You have a picture. What is that You and me when you were in the hall of fame. Well. So you were in Canton? Yeah, yeah. Okay. So we gotta take a new picture today. Yes, we do. That is dedication. I like it. I like that. Congratulations on winning. Enjoy. That is one very comfortable-looking chair. I gotta give it to you. Thanks for being here. It seems like a good time to mention that we had these chairs custom made from an incredibly talented and lovely guy named SHAWN. SHAWN woolsey. We think they're supercool. And have enjoyed having our fun talking about them. But this guy, so talented. He's out of Vermont. He's great. Now, you know what, I love the chairs. And I am like, I'll take this thing home. This is going to end up in Michael's man cave. Without a doubt. And he made an incredible pool table for us before. A ping-pong table. A ping-pong table. Ping-pe. Maybe I'm trying to say I want a pool table. SHAWN, are you listening? Are you listening?

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Barbara from New Jersey brings her favorite chair to the set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60915141","title":"Michael and Sara's #dare2chair winner","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-dare2chair-winner-60915141"}