Michael and Sara's third co-host, Nikki Green

Nikki's bucket list included a co-hosting gig with Michael and Sara. Find out more about their superfan's story.
3:57 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara's third co-host, Nikki Green
co-host for the day, Nikki Greene, and we're going to find out a bit more about nic -- Nikki. Yes, and we have had fun so far, but we're just starting. Awhile back, she sent us a heartwarming letter asking if we would consider letting her co-host our show and said it was on her bucket list. Can you tell us about that? In 2008, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, stage 2, and I went through my treatments, chemo, radiation. Lost my hair, still felt fantastic, you know, even with my bald head. I conquered that. I was stage 2, which is considered early stage, and I was cancer-free for ten years. Yes. So in early 2017, I started feeling bad. So they did the bone scan and a week later, it came back showing widespread metastatic breast cancer. Yeah. I gave myself two weeks to mourn. Two weeks, and I'm telling you. The last day of that two-week period, I snapped out of it and said, you know what? I'm going to either succumb to this diagnosis or I'm going to live with it. I chose to L Yeah. Yeah. Now we know that you wanted to be here and you made that happen because you're fierce. What else do you love doing and what else is on the bucket list? Well, my bucket list -- one thing about my bucket list -- that's what I was saying about this disease. It will have you in a depression. Not every day is a good day, but I thank god that I have great days. Not good, great. I have some great days and I thank god for that, and I thank god for my positive mindset. That is the key, you know. So I started having a positive mindset. I said, I'm going to write me a bucket list, you know, I used to be a procrastinator back in the day, but, you know, having a diagnosis like this will make you, you know, start moving faster, and start conquering some things that you thought, you know, you wanted to do back then, but you didn't. So I wrote my bucket list. I love crocheting. That's what I started doing. You're into fashion. I love fashion. I have a passion for fashion. Passion for fashion. Yes. I love dressing, you know, I love dressing people. Uh-huh. A lot of people ask me, you know, can you help me, you know, dress a little bit? You know, a lot of people say, I'm a plain Jane, but I love the way you look. I said, sure, you know. I love fashion. Do you have anything that, like, scares you? Yeah. To take a cruise. Yes. Why does it scare you? I think just being -- seeing that mass amount of water. It just scares me. You watched "Titanic". That's what I think about. Never let go. Never let go, Nikki. Never let go. I still say they both could it on that piece of wood, but, you know. You know, Nikki, you wanted to be on the show as part of to your bucket list and that happened, but we wanted to make another one of your dreams come true and Sara said, you love fashion and we have reached out to a few of our friends and Burnett New York, they would like to invite you to their fashion show this afternoon at New York fashion week. It's New York fashion week, the show. We're going to have a car pick up you and your whole family later today. Oh my gosh. They're going to make sure you have the vip experience of a lifetime. You are going to New York fashion week. That means you too, boys. You too, fellas. So hopefully that crosses something else off your list and we wanted -- Oh my gosh. We wanted you to enjoy it because you deserve this. Y'all have checked off two of

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Nikki's bucket list included a co-hosting gig with Michael and Sara. Find out more about their superfan's story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61021681","title":"Michael and Sara's third co-host, Nikki Green","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-host-nikki-green-61021681"}