Refinery29's hot spring and summer fashions

Teal and hot pink are in focus when Refinery29's Jessica Andrews shows Sara and Michael the season's must-have looks.
4:26 | 05/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Refinery29's hot spring and summer fashions
We're teaming up with refinery29 today to show everyone how they can add the latest fashion trends into their style. Please welcome Jessica Andrews. Hi. So I noticed right away that you're wearing one of the trends. Of course. Well, today, we're here to talk about the biggest spring trends of the season and hot pink which I have on. I love it. And teal. Some of the biggest trends. Let's get going. As a matter of fact, our models actually work with you at refinery29. You have some staffers who are going to help us out. Here we go. This is cute. So cute. First up, we're talking about hot pink, it was all over the oscars' red carpet, all over the runways. It's really great because it can work with every skin tone. The thing about it, if you have deeper undertone, you can go with brighter hues. Cooler undertone, you go for deeper hues. A good mix of fabric. I love this. This is a monochromatic look. Which I adore. To pull this off is, do different textures. This great organza top. She pulled it off perfectly. I love it. So what's the tip and trick here? Tip, doing the different textures. Make sure your fabrics are lighter on top and heavier on the bottom. Because that's how we're built. Light on the top and heavier on the bottom. I love it. Okay. That's look number two. How about look number two? First off, we have a pop of hot pink on top with the blazer. Which is so cute. The tip here is, add a pop of color for an instant wardrobe update. She does it so lovely with this blazer. Such a basic outfit. With a pair of heels, you can wear it to date night and to the office. All these looks are affordable, too? Yes. H&M. ZARA. Our next look is all about accessories. If you don't want to do the head to toe cover, a cute bag that she has. Her lipstick is so pretty. The trick here is to go with a bags that has a lot of versatility. Day to night. Awesome, now is it time for the teal family? Thank you guys. Thank you very much. So, teal is the hottest jewel tone of the season. We're seeing it everywhere. Okay. And Natalie here looks amaze in this jumpsuit. The tip here is to go for muted tones. More sophisticated and pulled together. Not quite as bright -- Exactly. This worked for everything. You have the muted tone here with the skirt. This is actually great for date night. Do the color on the bottom, it looks superchic. Color on the bottom and white on top. And our last look is my favorite. She's doing the color with her earrings. The noncommittal type. Just go with the accessory. Get an affordable pair. You don't have to spend a ton of it, and it looks really chic. What are some of the mistakes that people make -- because these are bright colors. If you don't root it in neutrals it will be a mistake. You don't have to be a glostick. Okay, okay. Let's bring everyone back out. I want to see all these looks. And everything you said is like H&M, ZARA. Everything is affordable. You don't have to spend a lot of money on trends. I say splurge on classics, save on trends. When you're buying these things, you want it to last. The stuff that lasts you spend on. The stuff that I learned from you today I'll have to change my outfit for tomorrow. Color on the bottom, lighter on top. Jessica, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Teal and hot pink are in focus when Refinery29's Jessica Andrews shows Sara and Michael the season's must-have looks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63008052","title":"Refinery29's hot spring and summer fashions","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/refinery29s-hot-spring-summer-fashions-63008052"}