Sara and Keke Palmer's awkward ex encounters

Jordyn Woods and Kendall Jenner's run-in at Coachella has Sara and Keke asking, "What's your most awkward encounter with an ex?"
4:03 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Sara and Keke Palmer's awkward ex encounters
So you guys know about the Khloe Kardashian and the Tristan Thompson cheating thing and Jordyn woods. So, yeah, Jordyn was at Coachella and also, meanwhile back at the ranch, was also Kendall, kylie, a bunch of people were there kind of team Khloe. And Jordyn woods goes. She also decided to attend. I feel like that's something when you're in the kind of -- there's like a statute of limit -- a little bit of time has to pass before you start showing up publicly. Oh, my gosh. I don't think it went well. I'm just guessing. Because it made me think a little bit about, how many times have you run into an ex or frenemy -- or something didn't go well -- Has this happened to you? Yes. What do you do? How do you approach it? I always thought you lean in and do the classy thing. I tried to kill him with kindness. I conquered kindness. He almost killed you? Someone I would run into the building where I used to work in. I tried so hard to make things right. So sweet. Well, it came from a good place in my heart. Be the bigger person. I just kept getting slashed. You know for me when I'm in that situation, I get very -- my adrenaline starts to rush. Oh, tell me, do the impression of you talking. If I see someone that I haven't seen in a long time. If there's stuff that's shady are going down. How are you? So good to see you. God bless. I'm always trying to keep it god bless. If you get it a "God bless," I'm keeping it cordial and short with you. You look good. God bless. I'm out. Hey, I'm going to get out of your way. Dismiss yourself before they can dismiss you. Keke, tell them the story about you purposely Jordyn woods someone by showing up on purpose knowing that someone was going to be there. So, my best friend and I fell out a little bit. I actually showed up at this party knowing that she was going to be there. We were so fake to each other. I was starting to have social vomit. You don't want to talk to them but you want them to know you were there. It was too much. But we're back to being besties. So it all worked out. You talked about leaning into the moment. Girl, I'm leaning in. I think we also asked some people in our audience, does anyone have an awkward run-with an ex or a frenemy? Anyone out here have a good story? I think there's a woman in the back. Don't try to avoid me, I know you're there. What's your name? My name is Katie. I was an interventionist at an elementary school. My job was to do the wonderful federal program's speech about parent involvement to all the parents in the audience. That's good work. Yeah, it's great work. Great work, unless you're looking at some exes in the audiences. "Some"? How many exes were in the audience? That's not funny. We talked about that. I am southern. Southern. There was one. One. One -- Okay, okay. Who thinks there were four exes in the intervention? This is a small town. That's what I know. Very, very small town. Did you lose track of what you were saying? 'Cause I have been doing a speech and someone throws you, four throws. It was not four throws. Hilarious. Yes, it does throw you. I mean, you know, it was my first year to give the speech. Yeah, it threw me just a little. Threw me off my game. I think she wins this round. She wins. We're going with you.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Jordyn Woods and Kendall Jenner's run-in at Coachella has Sara and Keke asking, \"What's your most awkward encounter with an ex?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62459484","title":"Sara and Keke Palmer's awkward ex encounters","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sara-keke-palmers-awkward-encounters-62459484"}