Spot the presidents in Times Square

Obama, Trump, Lincoln, Washington and Nixon are hanging out in Times Square. Can these audience members spot them?
5:22 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Spot the presidents in Times Square
we have a very special treat for you. Yes, we do. Consider it a presidential scavenger's hunt. Or like a where's Waldo, but with presidents. Let's just call it find a bunch of presidents in times square. There we go. That's what we're calling it. We have five people dressed as presidents. Washington, Lincoln, Nixon, Obama and trump. And we have picked some contestants from our audience and they're going to have 20 seconds to find all five presidents. The presidents, they are scattering out there right now. Scattering. Let me get contestant number one. Come on, number one. I can take the stuff if you want. What's your name? I'm Lena from Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn in the house. So you have to find the presidents in the crowd. As many as you can. There are five of them out there. You have 20 seconds. Find as many as you can. Okay. Tell us what they're doing so we know you spotted them. Got you. Are you guys going to help me? No. That defeats the purpose. We're going to put 20 seconds on the clock. Yes. Are you ready? Yes. I'm ready. 20 seconds on the clock. Ready, set, go. Washington is, like, standing like this. You got Washington. Obama is waving a flag. Yep. He's now flossing. Wait. Seven, six. He's reading a paper. We'll give you -- who is reading the paper? Who is reading the paper? I can't see, sorry. She got 2 1/2. You got 2 1/2. So you go right over there, and next up -- Make sure they changed position. Presidents, change positions. Move around. There they go. They heard us. Obama is running over here. Obama's going to sit down. Trump is running over there like a little pinkish loungish area. Nixon just came from Starbucks. That's cool. Are you ready? Yeah. Come on over, my man. Come on over here. I love your shirt. I love your shoes. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Jerome, originally from Denver and I work in Harlem now. We need you to find as many of the five presidents, if not, all in 20 seconds and tell us when you spot them. Awesome. Here we go. 20 seconds on the clock. Mr. Nixon is -- What's he doing? He's holding coffee. Who else we got? George Washington is kind of going around waving the flag. Obama's talking on his cell phone to Michelle, and Lincoln is waving his flag over there. Okay. Four. Four out of five. Not bad at all. That was a great showing. Come back here. Come back here. He was wearing glasses too and he can see, man. We got to check your prescription, girl. We have got the change them up again. Let's change positions. Presidents, change it up again. Oh. Here he goes. Here he goes. Nixon is dashing very awkwardly. He and Obama. He and Obama look confused like they don't know where to go. George Washington is definitely clueless. George definitely doesn't know what he's doing. What is Lincoln doing? Is he texting? He's chilling. Instagram. His mind is blown. Okay. Let me go over here. Okay. Contestant number three. Okay. Come on over. There is a lot of pressure. Wait here. Don't get over there yet. Was your name and where are you from? I'm Abby and I'm from Washington, D.C., but guy to school in New York. You have 20 seconds on the clock to find as many of the presidents as you can, and tell us what they're doing. Okay. The thing is we have four out of five. There are five out there and you're going to have to go fast. Speed is the key. You okay? Four to tie, five to win. I'm doing the pyramid right now. Let's do it. Presidents have all moved around. You ready? I'm ready. 20 seconds on the clock. Come over. Go. George Washington is waving flags on top of the pink thing. I see trump and he's walking around, like, the tables. Lincoln is talking on his cell phone, and then -- oh wow. I see Nixon and he's throwing a peace sign up, and then -- he's over there. That was close. You said -- what was the last one? Barack wa Barack was on the steps. We're going to go to the judges. Rory, what do you think? She got it. So you know what's so amazing? We're in New York City. We're -- we're on Broadway and everybody loves "Hamilton." Yeah. So we got you a $10 bill because we couldn't get tickets. There's a Hamilton right there,

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Obama, Trump, Lincoln, Washington and Nixon are hanging out in Times Square. Can these audience members spot them?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61149199","title":"Spot the presidents in Times Square","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/spot-presidents-times-square-61149199"}