Should you throw out your spouses' things?

Katy Perry admits to throwing out Orlando Bloom's stuff when he's not looking. Cool or not cool?
1:51 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for Should you throw out your spouses' things?
They don't agree. They do. There was an interview Katy Perry. She is opening up about living with her boyfriend, Orlando bloom. Yes. Physically the fact that she throws some of his things out when he's not looking. I mean the moment you leave the house, stuff goes in the trash. Now she said she warned him about this once, and she admits that they are both hoarders by nature due to always worrying about money growing up and not having enough and now that they have things, they just keep it. She says, my garage is not full of cars. It's you full of stuff. Clothes or whatever it may be. Clothes. Do you throw or have you thrown some of your husband's stuff away when they are not looking? No because I'm the one with too much stuff. There was a pair of cargo pants that I miss already that my brother, my best friend and my husband were so disgusted by that they once plotted and removed those pants from the house and I haven't seen them since. I'm good sometimes of taking a few hours and purging the closet and grabbing everything. See what sparks your joy? Yeah. And I put it in the bags to get rid of it, but then I put the bag the door and it sits there for, like, a month. Yes. Who should I give it to? Who can wear my size? That's half the problem. Not many people, but you can cut it into a few pieces for us. Carla, have you ever done that? Have you ever had it done for you? You had a magazine from 2008 in your house. I did. I found a magazine from 2008 and one from 2013. What I hear you all saying is people are throwing your stuff away because it doesn't spark joy for them. Right. Super selfish. That is wrong. A magazine from 2008, that's kind of pushing joy from everybody. Carla is a hoarder. I'm a hoarder. Hi. I'm Carla, I'm a hoarder. Carla, keep coming back. I'm a hoarder. You're admitting maybe you're wrong in keeping the magazine. Correct.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Katy Perry admits to throwing out Orlando Bloom's stuff when he's not looking. Cool or not cool?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61050260","title":"Should you throw out your spouses' things?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/throw-spouses-things-61050260"}