Viral singing bartender Erika Kayne performs in Times Square

The viral video sensation sings her original song "Don't Wanna."
5:01 | 04/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viral singing bartender Erika Kayne performs in Times Square
Okay, there's this video that's been blowing up online -- it's now been viewed over 10 million times. Of a girl named Erika who's working the register while she works the mic and her voice is amazing. Check it out. ������ ������ She's singing it. Yes, she's singing some of the songs that aren't easy to sing. She has some amazing vocals. That's coming from -- ������ Oh, my gosh. ��� Because boy I'm about to go insane ��� ��� I need you I need you ��� ��� what I got to do ��� Yes, yes. So good to meet you. Oh, my gosh, you have an amazing voice. That video -- that's multitasking like I have never seen. Never seen. What is going on? You're cooking pancakes, you're singing, what? Tell us what's happening. Oh, my god, I'm at my father's restaurant and lounge. We do this every Thursday. Every Thursday is karaoke night. So that's a regular for me. Wow. They must only let you to do the karaoke. She it should be your own concert. They let me do it by myself. Picked up by Jamie Foxx, I mean snoop Dogg, so people have reported this. What have the last 48 hours been like you? Exciting. I woke up Wednesday and snoop Dogg reposted it and I have been trying to respond back to all of my friends, fans and supporters. And here you are on "Strahan & Sara." Okay. Oh, my gosh. Who's not a fan of Ashanti? I want to ask you in this scenario, what's the perfect ending for you? People got to see how amazing your voice is. What does it look like for you? I want to sell out shows like Beyonce, keke, Ashanti. So, I hear you that you're also a writer, you have an original song that we get to hear today. What's the name? "Heart of sale." Do you want to sing your song in front of Ashanti and keke palmer and Ali Wentworth? It would be a pleasure and honor. So, take the floor. Take the floor. All right. ������ ��� ooh listen I'm driving around town ��� ��� I'm thinking how you could do this if I knew what I know now ��� ��� we wouldn't be going through this now ��� ��� I feel stupid giving you all my trust ��� ��� all the lies from your lips promises I won't miss ��� ��� because I know you're going to be thinking about me ��� ��� you know you don't deserve me all you did was hurt me ��� ������ ��� I tried to make it work ��� ��� so I got to let it go ��� ��� heart for sale ��� ��� I don't know if I could love again ��� ��� after all you put me through ��� ��� I can't do it with nobody else ��� ��� gave you a chance and you blew it ��� ��� took me for granted why you do it ��� ��� I just want you to know I'm shutting down everything ��� ��� I got a heart for sale ��� ��� yeah ��� Thank you. Amazing. That's when everything goes right with the internet. I'm so happy for you, Erika. Ashanti, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The viral video sensation sings her original song \"Don't Wanna.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62512320","title":"Viral singing bartender Erika Kayne performs in Times Square ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/viral-singing-bartender-erika-kayne-performs-times-square-62512320"}