Former White House photographer Pete Souza joins 'GMA Day'

Top phone photography tips from Pete Souza.
3:03 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Former White House photographer Pete Souza joins 'GMA Day'
official white house photographer for eight years during the Obama administration. Now he's got a new book out called "Shade, the tale of two presidents." Please welcome Pete Souza. If you have not noticed, we're wearing shades. These have made an appearance on the back of your book. What's the back story on these? This was at campaign headquarters in 2012 and someone handed him these glasses. He said no one better take a picture with these glasses on. Then he turned to me and I snapped it. You're an amazing photographer with an amazing camera. For people who have a phone, you're known for taking a great shot. Can you give us some tips? Tip number one would be pay attention to your angle. If I'm taking a picture of you, I don't want to take it from this angle. I want to be sort of at eye level. I thought above would make me look better. You look good from every angle. And for the win Pete Souza. Pete, that was smooth. Very smooth. Another tip would be you're never as close as you should be. If I was taking a picture of Michael from here, he's a little too far away. So I would get in a little close are -- closer. You get too close, you're going to see my tonsils. So get closer. And the right angle. Yeah. If you're shooting your kids, you don't want to be looking down. That was miff -- my point. Or your pet dog, get down at their level. That's the better picture? Yeah. In eight years of photography, have you looked at your photos and surprised yourself? These candid photos seem to be the best. My job basically was hanging around, always being there. Great job. You never know when the great moment is going to happen. It doesn't always happen at important events. Sometimes it's a small moment. Whether he's interacting with a little kid or something like that. The family -- I take it you probably have to disappear in the background. I was like part of the furniture. There were some days I wouldn't have any conversation with the president at all. Other days I would. It would depend. Were there ever moments you thought you missed the moment? Of course not. Pete, I gotta say, this is an amazing book. Pete has been nice enough to bring everybody a copy of his book. That is right. "Shade, a tale of two presidents." You get a book. You get a book and you get a book. It's "Shade, a tale of two presidents." It is in stores now. Make sure you pick it up. Pete, thank you so much. Thank you, Pete.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Top phone photography tips from Pete Souza. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58534591","title":"Former White House photographer Pete Souza joins 'GMA Day' ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/white-house-photographer-pete-souza-joins-gma-day-58534591"}