'Gadget Geeks' Will Go Wild

Matt Bean, senior editor at Men's Health, joined "Good Morning America" this morning with the hottest men's gifts of the year. These amazing devices are sure to impress every type of gadget geek in your life.

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For the Handy Man:

GerberFlik, $30-$80

This revolutionary multitool has more functions than you'll know what do with, including different types of scissors, knives, bottle openers, screwdrivers and a saw. It's industrial-strength grade, so it won't break no matter how much you tinker.

For the Not-So-Handy Man:

Zibra Open It! Package Opener, $9.99

Get rid of your "wrap rage." There's no packaging too tough for this handy device to rip through. Fitted with fierce jaws and a utility blade, it's main purpose is to tear things open.

For the Guy Who Always Loses His Cell:

BackUp Pal, $40

Never lose your phone numbers again. This handy little backup device will permanently store and automatically update all your contacts. The best part is it comes with three different adapters, so it's universally compatible.

For the Guy Who Loves to Sing:

iKaraoke, $50

This ingenious microphone streams right from your iPod and cuts out the vocal track. It's perfect for anyone who watches or wants to be on "American Idol."

For the Kitchen Guy:

Shun U2 Ultimate Utility Knife, $100

Whether he's a gourmet chef, or only knows the recipe for toast, every man will put this tool to great use. This multipurpose knife features a combination straight and scalloped blade, as well as a blunt tip. The U2 proves sandwich making can be an art form.

For the Rock Star:

  Rock Band video game, $170

Rock Band blows regular video games out of the water. It's a full-blown simulation game that combines guitar, bass drum and singing. Led Zeppelin's still got it, so why can't he?

For the Aspiring Astronaut:

Meade MySky, $400 

The new Meade MySky is the next best thing to an astronomy degree. This easy-to-use handheld device will guide you through the night sky as you point it toward your points of interest.

For the Cowboy/Renegade:

Harley-Davidson Rocker, starts at $7,000

It's hard for any gift to top a Harley. The minimalist style of this bike offers the look of zero suspension and one of the lowest solo saddles on the market. Instant Cool.