Sneak Peek at Some of the Best Gadgets at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest gadget extravaganza, will get under way in Las Vegas Thursday. Nearly 2 million square feet of space will be packed with the latest cutting-edge devices from computers to TVs to alarm clocks.

"Good Morning America" technology contributor Becky Worley has a sneak peek at some of her favorite new gadgets featured at the show. One of the trends this year is functionality over form, Worley says.

Sony Cyber-Shot T700 Digital Camera
Price: $399
This camera is as thin as a credit card. You can carry it everywhere in your pocket and not even notice it.

VIDEO: A hand touching a cars computer monitor.Play

Price: Less than $4,000
Last year, everyone wanted a huge TV screen, but this year the trend isn't about bigger but about smarter design. Just a half-inch thick, this model is the thinnest on the market right now.

Panasonic Portable Blue Ray DVD Player
Price: $799
This is the first portable Blue Ray DVD of any kind.

Voice-activated technology is also big this year, allowing you to do everything from adjust your thermostat to record your favorite TV show just by talking. These are three of the new voice-activated products featured at CES.

Moshi Touch-Free Clock
Price: $49.99
This is the first clock that can set the time and alarm by voice.

Gracenote Car Stars
Demo, no price listed
This lets you talk to your car's entertainment system to choose favorite songs while you drive. And it's programmed so certain musicians will talk back to you.

Azentek Verbal E-Mail
Price: $2,799
This product is installed in your car and will read all your incoming e-mails as you drive.