What's the Spookiest Place in America?

PHOTO Netherworld, in Atlanta, Georgia, which means land of the dead, was rated number one on Hauntworld magazines Top 13 Haunted Houses in 2010.Courtesy Netherworld Haunted House
Atlanta's Netherworld, which means land of the dead, was rated among Hauntworld magazine's top haunted houses in 2010.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., may sound familiar as the place that inspired the spooked-out fictional Overlook Hotel made famous in Stephen King's "The Shining." Now offering ghost tours to highlight its creepy past, the Stanley is among a host of haunts across the country vying to scare us silly.

Some of them are better known than others, and ABC News has compiled a random list of some of the most prominent ones to jump-scare your Halloween adventures.

King supposedly did most of the writing in Room 217, but if the hotel is fully booked, consider these alternatives closer to you.

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The Spookiest Place in America

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The Winchester Mystery House is a 100-year-old mansion in San Jose, Calif., that took 38 years to construct but considerably less time to become "the house built by spirits" after Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, reportedly enacted nightly seances to help complete construction and confuse the ghosts. It is now a tourist attraction.

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In Atlanta, Netherworld, a converted warehouse, is perennially ranked among the best. Actors take up to two hours to transform themselves into ghouls who've spooked visitors that include the Smashing Pumpkins and Bow Wow.

In Long Beach, Calif., the retired Queen Mary ocean liner, also known ominously as the "Grey Ghost, is permanently docked with 200 wayward spirits aboard that await visitors on what's now a floating hotel and museum.

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In Austin, Texas, the House of Torment has a way of maintaining its power over visitors who exit before completing its hellish maze of monsters and special effects. Abandon the terrifying journey prematurely at your own peril.

Across town at the Scottish Rite Dormitory, University of Texas students can't seem to escape the tale of a young student who threw herself down an elevator shaft decades ago, only to inhabit the place now in ghost form. Administrators have their doubts, but students offer no shortage of evidence.

In Chandler, Ariz., the Nest Haunted House traps visitors in total darkness for 10 minutes. And then the real haunting starts.

In Dickerson, Md., the ax-throwing practice at Markoff's Haunted Forest might come in handy when the evil lumberjacks make their appearance.

And, finally, In Micanopy, Fla., a spirit whom one believer calls the "woman in white" apparently has a problem with locked doors at the Herlong Mansion, now a bed-and-breakfast.

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