Tasty, Healthy Treats for Your Child's College Care Package

Best treats that are tasty and healthy.

July 20, 2010 — -- Daphne Oz, daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz and author of the best-selling book, "The Dorm Room Diet," developed a healthy way to eat in order to avoid the weight gain that often comes with the first year of college.

Parents and other loved ones can do their part. When they send care packages to their sons or daughters who are away at college for the first time, they should stock it with tasty, healthy products.

Here is Oz's list:

Care Packages with Healthy Treats

Soy crisps (individual serving packages) -- a light snack that is high in protein and easily shipped and stored.

Whole wheat or spelt pretzels. They're a better nutritional alternative to traditional pretzels.

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food cookies.

Individual baggies of chocolate chips (about 10-15 chips in each bag) to satisfy a chocolate craving without overindulging. (You can also send a box of small food storage bags so they can pre-measure their own treats.)

Individual servings of walnuts in pre-packaged bags. They're easy to grab and run to keep fueled during the day.

An apple peeler and corer, to make it easy to slice apples and put in baggies for on-the-run snacks or subtle snacking in class.

A gift card to a local health food store or supermarket.

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