Mom Gets Four Times the Surprise

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May 25, 2005 -- -- Shelley Breedlove made medical history.

The young woman, 24, beat the odds when she gave birth to identical quadruplet girls -- a one in 11 million occurence. Only 44 sets of identical quads have been reported in the world.

An identical twin herself, Breedlove did not use fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization.

The girls -- named Adelle, Bonnie, Chloe and Daphne -- are about two months old. Breedlove has attached a cloth anklet to each girl's foot to help her tell them apart. Sewn on the anklets are obects that help identify them -- the objects match the first letter of each girl's name. For example, Bonnie's anklet has a butterfly and Chloe's has a car.

"Hopefully we will know who's who once they come home too," Breedlove said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Breedlove said the amazing birth has led to a "running joke."

"If an identical twin has identical quadruplets, what do the identical quadruplets have? They have their tubes tied," she said.

Adelle will go home with her mother at the end of the week. The three other girls will be staying at the Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston for another week. Their original due date was June 15.

Breedlove and her husband, Eric, already have a 15-month-old son, so it will be a full house -- a house they didn't have since the couple lived with her parents.

But Jim and Linda Mcingvale have stepped into the picture. The couple has arranged for the Breedloves to live free in a fully furnished home for a year.

It doesn't end there. The family is also getting a new van to allow Shelley to drive around with all of her children at once and local companies have donated other goodies to help them out.

Tears rolled down Breedlove's cheeks when she was told about the donations live on "Good Morning America." She was unable to speak as the Mcingvales joined her and her daughters.

The Breedlove family can buy the house in a year at cost for $175,000.

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