High-Tech Gifts at Rock-Bottom Prices

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Nov. 25, 2006 — -- If you're looking for a hot gift item this season, head to the electronics section. This year's best bets are high-tech, big-ticket items at low prices.

"Good Morning America" technology contributor Becky Worley shares the best bets for the holidays.

This is also known as the "slimming camera," because it claims to take off 10 pounds. It costs about $140.

These are a new kind of form-fitted earbuds that help reduce outside noise and have bass boosters. They can cost up to $400, but you can also get a version for $50 that come in an array of colors.

If you're getting someone an i-Pod this year, Worley suggests the i-Pod Shuffle. At $79, it's the cheapest, and it's newly redesigned and easy to manipulate. It has a 1 GB memory, holds about 240 songs and weighs in at just half an ounce.

It's a good time to get a computer because new models will be coming out soon, so manufacturers and stores want to unload the older models. You can get an eMachine for under $500. You can go to www.emachines.com for more information.

A new Fossil watch works along with your Bluetooth technology and provides caller ID. So if you're in the kitchen and your phone is ringing in the bedroom, you can see who's calling. The watch is selling for $250 at Fossil.com.

The Wall Street Journal calls this the best jewelry cleaner on the market. You just add water with a few drops of ammonia and it creates millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that go into places unreachable by hand or a brush. The cleaner costs $99.95

Alienware has been called the ultimate gaming system, but it's pricey. The budget version will cost you about $1,800. It has high-end gaming graphics and comes in a slick carrier.

Fifteen percent of American households plan on buying a flat-screen TV this year, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey, and retailers are slashing prices. Click here to read more on choosing a flat-screen TV.

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