Easy, Convenient Ways to Clean Your Mirrors and Glassware

You wouldn't dream of leaving your home without giving yourself the once-over in the mirror, but can you really trust a mirror that's cloudy or dirty?

Smeary or streaky mirrors just won't do, but fortunately there's an easy fix.

The best way to get streaks out of mirrors is to wipe it with a mirror cleaner. But there's a trick to it: Spray the cleaner onto a towel, not onto the mirror itself.

That's because the cleaner could get under the edges of the mirror and cause damage.

And not just any towel will do, either. Always apply the cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth, and use it to clean the mirror.

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'GMA' Tip of the Day: Get Rid of Streaky Mirrors

Here are some other glass cleaning tips:

Did you know that you can make your own window-cleaning solution? Use half a cup of ammonia and a pint of rubbing alcohol, mixed with a gallon of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle, apply it with a lightly dampened squeegee and then wash the window. Click HERE for more home cleaning tips.

Women's Voices for the Earth, a national organization that engages women to advocate for the right to live in a healthy environment, has a formula for versatile cleaner that can be used on hard surfaces such as countertops and kitchen floors, as well as on windows and mirrors. Use 2 cups white distilled vinegar, 2 cups water of water and 20 to 30 drops of essential oil (optional). Warming the mixture in microwave until barely hot will boost cleaning power for tough jobs. Only microwave the liquid in a glass container. Click HERE for other green household cleaning tips.

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