Town Meeting: Hurricane Katrina, Part II

On Tuesday, "Good Morning America" hosted "Town Meeting: Hurricane Katrina" to answer evacuees' questions in the wake of the natural disaster. But the questions didn't stop at the end of the show.

To address some of the remaining concerns still surrounding Hurricane Katrina, "GMA" assembled experts for a second town meeting today.

Tory Johnson, CEO of Women for Hire, fielded questions from evacuees at the Houston Astrodome about job opportunities. Johnson recently returned from the Astrodome, where she counseled 300 to 400 people looking for jobs. To read Johnson's advice, Click Here.

Mellody Hobson is "GMA's" financial contributor and president of Ariel Capital Management. She answered financial questions from evacuees at the Houston Astrodome. To read Hobson's advice, Click Here.

Elisabeth Leamy, "GMA's" consumer correspondent, answered questions about how to prepare for a future natural disaster. To read Leamy's advice, Click Here.

Dr. David Katz is an ABC News medical contributor. He talked to residents of Biloxi, Miss., about health and medical issues related to the storm. To read his advice, Click Here.

Linda Ellerbee, host of "Nick News," spoke to parents at the Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, La., about helping children directly affected by the hurricane, as well as children watching the coverage of the disaster on television. To read Ellerbee's advice, Click Here.