America's Healthy Summer: Juju Gets Fit

Photo: Juju Chang trains for a triathlonIda Mae Astute/ABC
Good Morning America's Juju Chang in training for a triathlon, starts her fitness routine for the summer.

For many people, summer is all about getting healthy and getting into shape. "Good Morning America's" news anchor Juju Chang is doing just that, and she's doing it for a good cause.

Today "GMA" launched "Juju Gets Fit," part of a new series "America's Healthy Summer" that will include reports and tips on how to live well and stay fit this summer.

Chang will train for and compete in a sprint triathlon taking place Sept. 11. Led by coach Tom Holland and training partner Lucy Danziger, the editor-in-chief of Self magazine, Chang and her "Tri Team," which includes dozens of ABC News staff members, will spend the next 100 days training for the Housatonic Valley Triathlon, a .25 mile swim, a 10 mile bike ride, and a 5 kilometer run in Danbury, Conn.

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Juju Chang Trains for Triathlon

"Working out is so not my thing," Chang admitted. "It's been 10 years and three pregnancies since I've been in shape. But I'm here because earlier this year something just clicked in my head."

Chang says when she went to Haiti after the earthquake and met children who'd suffered and lost so much, their faces and smiles became etched into her memory.

After the quake the spotlight soon moved on to other news and other assignments. Chang reported a story on normal weight obesity and faced the task of measuring her own body fat percentage.

Her result: 37 percent -- dangerously high.

"My thought … why not train for a triathlon and set a goal to raise relief funds for the children in Haiti," she said. "It just might work."

In conjunction with the "get fit" efforts,"GMA" is teaming up with Unicef to help change lives in Haiti. Viewers can sign up to join "GMA's" tri team -- or make any other personal health goal -- and friends and family can support their efforts. All proceeds will go to help Haitian children through a Unicef relief fund.

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Helping out with "Juju Gets Fit" is Self magazine's Lucy Danzinger, who also coached Jennifer Lopez through her first triathlon.

Danzinger created a 100 day diet plan for Chang, and she says a healthy breakfast is the key.

Danzinger suggests starting the day with "some yogurt, some berries. I like a little crunch, so I put, you know, a little bit of granola in it because it's high fiber. Anything with high fiber is going to fill you up."

Chang also enlisted trainer Tom Holland, who says that she can start right in her own home with a simple strength workout.

"This doesn't take long," Holland said."Just 15 minutes a day."

Holland made a 15 week workout plan geared for a working mom like Chang, who will need to work in workouts anyway she can. Holland's fitness and health plans will be featured on so viewers at home can follow along, too.

Additionally, the web site will feature daily diet suggestions day-by-day fitness and nutrition plans and a video diary from Chang on her progress. Tips focusing on fitness, nutrition and motivation will also be posted on Juju's Twitter feed.

You can join "Team Juju" to get fit and to support the relief effort in Haiti.

"Set your own goal and join the team," Chang said. "Together, we are going to make to the finish line. We have to… it's for our health and for Haiti."

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CLICK HERE to visit the Juju Gets Fit page for training and diet plans and much more!

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