Woman Catches Man in Her Underwear

Dec. 5, 2005 — -- A young Houston woman kept coming home to find the lights in her apartment on. The problem: She'd turned them off before leaving.

Unsure of whether she should be worried, she let her boyfriend persuade her to set up a hidden camera to monitor her home when she was away.

"I was still hoping it was just the maintenance crew coming in to do work," said Nicole, whose last name is being withheld.

Police said the intruder was 37-year-old Shawn Rogers, who lived nearby in Nicole's upscale neighborhood.

"From what we've gathered, he's probably been in that apartment at least six times," said Sgt. Bobby Roberts of the Houston Police Department.

The intruder stripped, tried on Nicole's lingerie, and then began to masturbate. Afterward, he simply checked the hallway and left.

"And who knows what that could lead to," Roberts said. "Maybe today 'I watched her,' tomorrow, 'I'm going in her apartment,' or maybe the next day it goes beyond that."

Nicole told "Good Morning America" she learned that the man had been apprehended over the weekend. Police used information from neighbors who spotted him near Nicole's home to identify him.

"I have never been so scared in my life," she said, adding that she had never seen Rogers before.