Father, Half Brother Visit Karr

The father and half brother of John Mark Karr visited with him for the first time in five years, and they are set to give "Good Morning America" an exclusive interview today.

Wexford Karr and Nate Karr, the father and half brother of John Karr, saw him for the first time in five years during a visit at the Boulder County jail in Colorado on Tuesday, the day after prosecutors announced they were not going to charge the 41-year-old former school teacher in connection to JonBenet Ramsey's 1996 slaying. Though John Karr had confessed before TV cameras and authorities to the 6-year-old beauty queen's killing, DNA tests failed to link him to the crime.

Wexford and Nate Karr had always insisted their loved one was innocent and said he was not in Boulder, Colo. at the time of the slaying.

"Well, I can say almost without question that from the time that John had children he has never missed a Christmas with his family -- and that's any Christmas," Nate Karr told "Good Morning America" in an interview on Aug. 25. "So, whether it be in Atlanta with us or with Lara in Alabama, we are positive that from the time period that he had children that he's never missed a Christmas with his children."

When asked about his son's confession during the Aug. 25 interview, Wexford Karr said, "I don't believe a word of it."

Nate Karr his half brother's reported obsession with the JonBenet Ramsey case started as an innocent project that grew out of a college assignment.

"He had expressed interest in writing a book to my father," Nate Karr said. "And I believe my father said to him, 'John, look, whatever grips the American public. … What will sell books? What's on the headlines?' And, of course, that year the No. 1 headline was the tragedy that happened to the Ramsey family. So at that point my brother … decided that would be something people would want to read about. So from that point, it's my understanding John actively pursued information about not only the Ramsey case and the Polly Klaas case … but maybe others as well."

Karr's legal battles are not over. On Tuesday, a judge ordered John Karr sent to Sonoma County, Calif., by Sept. 13 to face five misdemeanor child pornography charges dating to 2001, saying he had violated terms of his bond in that state by failing to show up for a hearing on the charges. If convicted, he could get a year in prison on each count.