Cold Case Investigation Reveals Clues

An investigative report commissioned by the family of a Fresno, Calif., mother who died in 2000 under mysterious circumstances alleges she was poisoned. Now, the woman's relatives say they believe that her husband of 13 years is to blame.

In 2000, Linda Adanalian was standing on the steps of her church when she collapsed suddenly, her four young children by her side. She died just two hours later, shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The death of the healthy 37-year old, a former cheerleader and college athlete, left her entire family in shock and looking for answers, but an initial coroner's report labeled the cause of death unknown.

But Adanalian's parents and siblings weren't convinced and believed that her husband may have been involved.

Adanalian's husband -- Mark Adanalian -- has denied any involvement in his wife's death.

An Unhappy Marriage

Adanalian's brother and sister told "Good Morning America" that the family believed she was trapped in a very unhappy marriage.

"She was in a terribly volatile marriage," her brother, Dave Dalition, said. "She feared for her life and had warned friends that she was afraid that her husband might kill her."

Meg Bakich believes her sister was taking steps to leave the marriage. "Linda, I think, was planning to leave," Bakich said. "She had made prepatory steps to do so. She had put money aside. She had discussed leaving."

New Coroner's Report Points to Poison

The family turned to a private investigator and former deputy district attorney, Lela Henke-Dobroth, to re-examine the case and they arranged for another autopsy.

A new coroner's report says Adanalian died from selenium poisoning, a substance that is easily available. Selenium can easily be added to food or drink, says the report, and can be fatal.

Henke-Dobroth, who has issued an 88-page report about the death, also is convinced Mark Adanalian poisoned his wife to end a troubled marriage. She says that she ruled out accidental selenium poisoning and suicide as a cause of death, so the only other option is death at someone else's hands.

"You have to look at the one who would be the most likely suspect," Henke-Dobroth told "Good Morning America." "They had a horrible marriage. Mark openly talked about his hatred for Linda. Linda predicted her death two weeks before she died."

Maintaining His Innocence

Mark Adanalian, who declined to appear on "Good Morning America," maintains he is innocent.

"Mark Adanalian adamantly denies that he had anything to do whatsoever with her death," said his attorney, Donald Fischbach.

The couple's four children remain in their father's custody.

Family Has Lost Confidence in Police

Adanalian's relatives say they have "lost confidence" in the Fresno police, and they want the case referred to an outside agency.

"The police have never initiated contact with me," said Bakich. "They have never investigated this case."

Police in Fresno say they've labeled the death suspicious, but declined to comment further.

But her family is demanding answers.

"The only mystery surrounding Linda's death is not how she died," said her sister. "The mystery is, why is there no investigation? Why is there no justice?"