Celeb Tips to Inspire Your Wedding

Celebrities are famous for making their weddings unique, but you don't have to be an A-lister to have a special ceremony.

On "Good Morning America," In Style magazine's Amy Goodman showed off celebrity-inspired wedding ideas that can make your day uniquely yours.

Welcome Guests to a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are big among celebrities: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes famously got married in Italy last year. If you're planning a destination wedding or even expecting a number of out-of-town guests, give your guests the star treatment with welcome baskets that express how happy you are to have them with you. Put bottles of water, mints and directions to the wedding and reception in small baskets. You may also want to include lists of activity and dining suggestions.

Bridesmaid Dresses With Wiggle Room

Bridesmaid dresses can be very cookie-cutter, and it's rare that eight women end up looking equally good in the same dress. Instead of going the traditional route, let your bridesmaids look their best and make a style statement of your own by picking a color rather than a particular dress. You can still have all your bridesmaids in navy blue, but this way, they can choose whether they look best in a halter dress, an A-line cut or something else.

Make Guests the Photographers

It's hard for one wedding photographer to get pictures of everybody. For years, couples have put disposable cameras on tables so that guests can snap away and give them different portraits of the ceremony. Now, celebrity wedding planners are taking it to a whole new level by giving guests disposable video cameras. They cost about $30 and can give the bride and groom more memories than just a single camera.

Make it Personal

Leave guests with something that expresses your individuality. From napkins to dresses, personalize the ceremony in unexpected ways. "The Wedding Times," a custom-designed four-page newspaper, makes the bride and groom the stars of the day. Think about personalizing something that's special to you as a couple, whether it's golf balls, candy hearts or -- as with rockers Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley -- guitar picks.