Couple who met at Subway has sandwich-themed photo shoot on their wedding day

The sandwich chain delivered sandwiches and cookies for the couple's guests.

Two people headed to a Subway in Michigan for a sandwich but each ended up leaving with a soulmate.

Julie Williams, 29, and Zack Williams, 34, met at their local Subway in 2017. Julie said she was at lunch with her mom when they noticed a "cute guy" eating in the restaurant. Before she knew it, her mom ran out, grabbed him in the parking lot and handed Zack her daughter's phone number on a receipt.

“When he got up to leave, I never saw my mom run so fast,” Julie said. “He called me a half hour later and the rest is history. Talk about the ultimate wing-mom.”

Zack, who was selling cars at a dealership at the time and decided to drive to the Subway farther away from his job, said it was meant to be. He said he, too, noticed Julie walk in with her mom and thought she was beautiful, but didn’t have the courage to say hello.

“All of a sudden her mom is chasing me down saying, 'Excuse me, sir -- you don’t happen to be single?'" Zack recalled. “I thought -- this is a sign from God. I knew it was divine intervention, and I had to call and ask her on a date.”

The couple, who both said they are “quite literally obsessed” with the sandwich chain, also ate there on their one-year anniversary. After Zack proposed in September 2020 and Julie said yes, they decided to contact Subway to share their love story.

“I knew our story was crazy, so I really wanted it to be heard,” Zack said. “I decided to reach out to Subway and wrote them an email explaining our story. Someone got to us within the week.”

The sandwich chain offered to gift the Subway-loving bride and groom with a photo shoot at the store where the couple first met for their wedding day. They also delivered late-night sandwiches of the couple’s favorite order to their Oct. 22 wedding along with cookies for all of their guests.

“What has happened since that initial reach out is really amazing,” Julie said. “It’s definitely something that we will look back on and remember as a fun experience, and tell our kids about someday.”

The couple said they are excited to begin the next step of married life together starting with a honeymoon in Hawaii, where they plan to find a Subway and have a meal to celebrate where they met.