Toddler has adorable reaction to a lion pawing at her from behind a glass enclosure

A white lion began to paw and lick the glass separating him from a toddler.

A mother and her young daughter are officially internet stars after their up-close-and-personal encounter with a large white lion.

“Josie loved it when the lion jumped on the glass and my reaction was the same,” Finley told ABC News. “I’ve always seen something like that online and now it's with my child and it's great.”

“I was shocked at first by how curious the lion was,” Hastings said. “Then I was excited that Josie got to experience such a wild interaction with him.”

At one point the lion stood on his hind legs, towering over Finley and her daughter.

Finley said Josie babbled “awww” to the lion upon seeing him so closely.

While Josie may be too young to understand what happened, Finley said “it will be awesome” to show this video to her when she's older.