This toddler's Ben & Jerry's photoshoot is sweeter than ice cream

A Florida photographer snapped the most adorable summer shots.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this adorable ice cream photoshoot!

"I love seeing the interaction. It’s the cutest thing in the world,” Walker said. “Little kids hanging out with baby animals and getting to experience them firsthand. Hopefully they grow up to love them."

Walker loves to have creative photoshoots with the calves and had an idea to do an adorable Ben & Jerry's photoshoot, since ice cream is a favorite summer treat and the popular ice cream brand’s mascot is a cow.

Walker reached out to Marissa Estridge, whose 19-month-old daughter Tanner was a regular client, to see if she’d want to participate in her adorable vision.

“I was so excited when she called,” Estridge said. “I ordered her little cow shorts.”

Walker snapped photos of Tanner and a baby calf, and the result was sweeter than ice cream.

“These are pictures I will hold onto forever,” Estridge said. “They’re so special.”

And don’t worry, Tanner did get to eat her fair share of ice cream for being the adorable model.

“I think she was trying to share the ice cream with the cow more than she was trying to eat it,” Estridge joked. “She definitely had some chocolate ice cream, she has the drips on her outfit to prove it.”