This 12-year-old started a meal program that now feeds 25 families in his community

The Houston mayor declared July 10 "Matthew Reel Day" in his honor.
5:28 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for This 12-year-old started a meal program that now feeds 25 families in his community
"Gma" is on the road as you know live from Houston. Michael, Lara, ginger are there. Michael, this is all to honor a really incredible Houston hero. Yes, robin, we have so many incredible hometown heroes in Houston. We're feeling the love here this morning from this awesome audience and crowd that we have here in the park. And we have someone here who is really special. We want to celebrate him. A 12-year-old boy made it his mission to feed those in need. Let's give it up for math true reel and his mom Tammy, everybody. Welcome to the show. Tammy, welcome as well. This summer we've been traveling around the country looking for hometown heroes doing good things for their community and heard about what Matthew here is doing helping others and now we want everybody else to hear about it as well. So take a look. That little boy can shop on a budget. He had a young woman walk up to him once and said I want to help but I only have a dollar to spare. Matthew reached over, hugged her and said, ma'am, do you know what I can do with a dollar? Reporter: You'll never meet a young man as generous as Matthew. Reporter: He was 8. We had attended a church function and they were making blessing bags to hand out. We drove up to a man and handed it to him and the man said god bless you little boy. He said, mom, I don't want a birthday party this year. I don't want presents. Reporter: He wanted to feed those in need and that's what he did. Stretching his dollars eventually realizing those closest to him needed the help the most. He goes I think I'm supposed to be helping the kids by to school with. I met him and he talked about providing meals, healthy meals for families in his own school. It has spoken to other students to give to their community as well. Reporter: Setting an example for those around him, inspiring other kids to follow in his footsteps. Matthew came and spoke to jack's cub scout group last fall and told us about his program that he started. I wanted to give back to every kid. Reporter: And the impact of a 12-year-old turning a simple gesture into a movement, something we can all learn from. The least we can do is give them a can of food. We can take away some of that pain and hopefully when they're in a better place they'll feel the need to be able to pass that on. And, Matthew, you are a special young man and, Tammy, you raised a special young son. You've done so much for the community. But you're not stopping there. What is your ultimate goal. So my ultimate goal is I want to -- so backpack program is where kids go after on Friday, get food and bring it home to their families that are in need so I want to be the first student run backpack program where kids donate the food and then the kids in that school district get the food back. Wow. Tammy, as a mom, you must be really proud of Matthew. I don't like to use the word proud. I hike to say humble. He looks at the world in a completely different way than anybody else does and to be able to walk in his shadow and see his care and compassion for those that are in need, it's an awesome thing. You know that starts as home. Starts at home with you, thank you as well. We have a special guest here for you. Uh-oh. Houston mayor Sylvester turner is here. Mayor turner. Hey, Matthew. How are you doing? Hey, mom. Take it away, it's always ours. We are so incredibly proud of you. You've done so much. We want to make this a special day. So as the mayor I proclaim July 10, 2019 as forever Matthew reel day in the city of Houston. You have your own day. You have your own day. Man. Did you ever think you'd have your own day? No. I don't have my own day. We're not done. Everybody, take a walk with me. Come on with me. So what we've been doing, Matthew, we're going around the country. We meet a lot of incredible people and all these incredible cities. When we were in Philadelphia we had hey man named Charles and he was our hometown hero in Philadelphia and this is Charles here and, you know what, we are share -- you are sharing yourself with the city of Houston but we want to share you with the world so you are our hometown hero for the city of Houston, okay. Come on over here with me. Right on the rv. Put it right there. Congratulations. How are you feeling? Do you expect any of this when -- No. Nothing at all. Do you realize the impact you're making. Uh-huh. Keep on doing it. We're so proud of you and so happy to feature you on "Gma." And so happy you represent the great city of Houston, but not just Houston but what the world should be and your face, of course, will forever live on our "Gma" rv.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The Houston mayor declared July 10 \"Matthew Reel Day\" in his honor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64235272","title":"This 12-year-old started a meal program that now feeds 25 families in his community ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/12-year-started-meal-program-now-feeds-25-64235272"}