13-year-old football player surprised with tickets to Super Bowl

Aniah Echols is the first girl to join her middle school football team in Oxford, Mississippi, and now she’s headed to watch the Super Bowl.
5:10 | 01/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 13-year-old football player surprised with tickets to Super Bowl
All right, rob, now to an inspiring story this Friday morning about a special 13-year-old girl who is breaking barriers. Aniah Echols is the first female to join her middle school football team in Mississippi and is moments away from getting a gigantic surprise. First a look at her story. She is an artist. And a junior black belt. But 13-year-old aniah Echols feels most at home on the football field. What I like about playing on this team is being with other teammates that go through the same thrill, the same excitement as you and getting to talk about it later. Aniah is the first female to play for the oxford middle school chargers. They sent a flier out at the end of her sixth grade year. Could she do it. I asked is she sure? She said, mom, I can do this. So far I'm excited because I have not seen any failures for the semester. Reporter: At first she received some raised eyebrows. It was odd to see a female walking into the meeting for football. And the coach was surprised. My fellow classmates were surprised. I was surprised because I was like, I'm doing this. Finally. She faced adversity due to being the only girl on the team. It didn't take very long for them to see that she came to play. And she didn't mind knocking who she needed to down. Reporter: She tried out for quarterback but then found her place as a right tackle on the offensive line. Her favorite part is the hit. It felt really good because I've never felt this kind of hit before so it wasn't that bad. It was really fun. Is that enough? Watching aniah the very first game, I guess I was sitting on pins and needles but she wasn't getting hit. She was doing the hitting. I was like, wow. She looked like a football player. Aniah wants all women to feel empowered to follow their My advice to other females is to keep going when people tell you to stop. Know that you may be one woman but you are so much more in other ways. If you want to do something, do it. Why not? Aniah Echols and her momala -- mom, latrend are here. How did you get in football? I used to play two-hand touch in front of my grandmother's house in the yard. We would play here and there almost every day. That's how it starts two-hand touch and next thing you know you're strapping on the pads and latrenda, it's been a year or so she's playing football. How do you think this has helped her. Definitely helped her discipline. She had to work hard on football and getting her grades so she just dug in and got it done. Nice little balancing act for you, huh? And I hear -- when you were younger you used to throw football parties like super bowl parties. So tell us about that. I don't remember a lot about them but I do remember asking my grandmother if we could celebrate, you know, have like mini parties. When I would see them on TV I'd want to be a part of that action so even though I wasn't there I could feel the same energy as they did. Who is your favorite team? I put you on the spot. Well, I have my pick of teams but I'm honestly going to say Alabama. Okay. Yeah. University of Alabama. What's that, roll tide? Roll tide. Roll tide. What are you doing this year for the super bowl? You going to watch it at home or -- Yes, I guess so, yeah, no plans for football. We just going to throw a party this year just because, you know, all the excitement so that's how we -- It's going to be a lot of excitement at your party because we got a little something for you. We have -- we have -- come on. We have tickets for you guys to go to the super bowl LIV in Miami. So that's where you're going to be for the super bowl. You're going to be at the game. How does it feel? You are going to the super bowl. Surprising. Huh? You feel good about that. Yes. Very -- oh, my goodness. I could cry but I can't. You can always cry. There is crying in football. I've done it a few times myself. But I just got to say your story is so inspiring. So many just athlete, period. I'm not even going to say young women. You work hard, you put in the work and good things happen to you so keep it up. Roll tide. That's right. We got to say these super bowl tickets and travel are courtesy of the NFL extra points credit card, the official card of the NFL. And enjoy super bowl LIV in Miami. Maybe I'll see you there.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Aniah Echols is the first girl to join her middle school football team in Oxford, Mississippi, and now she’s headed to watch the Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68349410","title":"13-year-old football player surprised with tickets to Super Bowl","url":"/GMA/Living/video/13-year-football-player-surprised-tickets-super-bowl-68349410"}