Adorable Instagram pups get into the Halloween spirit

Some of Instagram’s most famous dogs join “GMA” for the Insta-Pup Howl-a-Ween Costume Contest.
5:57 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Adorable Instagram pups get into the Halloween spirit
celebration. By this song you can tell it's not just about humans getting in the spirit. It's about the pets as well and can you guess what my dog Enzo On the bike. Enzo is actually like me. He is me. He is getting ready for the season getting into shape and my giants could actually use him this year. How did you get him up on that bike? He wasn't up there long, George. Here's cooper. Cooper is a very simple unicorn. We have another one where he's a ranger. I guess we lost that picture. He prefers a subtle costume like you. Here's our jalisco who is despite this picture not wearing that costume willingly. It was a struggle. It involved a lot of treats and this morning some of the most famous dogs on Instagram with nearly 600,000 combined followers. They are strutting their stuff for our pups howl-oween costume contest. Lara standing by to help us pick a winner. Hey, Lara. Hi there, you guys. Just wrangling the fellas and ladies at my house. Looking forward to it. I've got coco, dandy and riva who will help us judge this very exciting moment. This big dog contest. I'm sorry to say, guys, you guys are not involved. You're just picking the winner so, Michael, with that I send it back to you. Joining us live this morning, all our furry friends and their humans. Good morning, everyone. You know what, let's see these dogs, first up, we've got kimchi who is a mini dachshund who loves hiking and hanging with her furry friends, this year she's dressed up as zero, the ghost dog from "The nightmare before Christmas" and has a chi hat that actually lights up and her human mom, jenn is joining her as jack skellington. I like that. Next these guys love posing on the streets of New York and unfortunately like so many lovebirds they had to cancel their wedding this year. Cute. Oh. But that's not stopping them from getting in on the fun for it's our bride and group, agador and Freddie. Don't they look so cute. They do. And next up, golden retriever who the most huggable canine on line. Louboutina dressed up as an icon, rbg with her human Cesar. Next we have two rescue pups known for their cute couples costumes. This year they're showing up as a few filthy animals. Sawyer and Charlie dressed as and mask, the burglars from "Home alone." Last but not least one tiny pup who always likes to go big or go home when it comes to costumes and this year is no different, feeding the craving for fast food, we have roo as sweet and sour sauce with a special guest, baby Sebastian, oh, there it is. There's the sweet and sour sauce and Sebastian is as one does a chicken nugget. Ah. I love it. There they are and here is everyone joining us live this morning. Want to thank you guys for joining us and Francis, want to start with you, Francis, agador and Freddie. They look adorable as newlyweds. Love that costume. What inspired you T give them this look for Halloweens year. Well, needless to say it's been a tough year for weddings. However, as a very busy justice of the peace, I can tell you love is alive and well. This is agador and this is Fred. Yes, they are both boys and one is wearing a dress, but the first rule that you learn at justice of the peace school is to judge without any judgment. That is the truth. I'm curious what, do you think they would sayach other in their vows? Well, you know, they kind of sniff around a little bit and then they get to know each other and then they decide they want to spend the rest of their life together. It's kind of like humans. Laura, roo, I have to ask you, how many chicken nuggets did it take to you get Sebastian to pose as a chicken nugget? I can't even imagine. I mean, you know, having a baby and having him pose is not an easy task but thankfully my family was backstage and acting like clowns and got it done. So cute. All right, Paige, we want to ask you about sawyer and Charlie, they actually pose in their costumes in front of the world renown plaza hotel famously featured in "Home alone what kind of reaction did they get. I tried to go pretty early in the morning to avoid a crowd and even though I was there at 7:00 A.M. We drew a crowd so it was funny. I was laying in the grass trying to capture the photo and a bunch of people were behind me but it got the dogs to look at the camera so it was great. I tell you, I wish we had time to talk to everyone but it is time to pick a winner and see who will receive the ultimate doggie trick-or-treat bag. You and riva have been discussing your pick. Tell us who the winner is. Who is it going to be? Yeah, you guys agree? Well, obviously we' a little partial to sawyer and Charlie because they are rescues. But with great consideration we're going to have to give it for gorgeous creativity to agador and Freddie, the newlyweds. Congratulations, aador and Freddie. You won. Congratulations and the great thing about Halloween there are no losers. Everybody is a winner. We love your costumes and your dog's costumes, the ways you have gotten intohe spirit and appreciate you all. Congratulations to the everything have a great day and

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Some of Instagram’s most famous dogs join “GMA” for the Insta-Pup Howl-a-Ween Costume Contest. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73920773","title":"Adorable Instagram pups get into the Halloween spirit","url":"/GMA/Living/video/adorable-instagram-pups-halloween-spirit-73920773"}