How to help your BFF find love

Relationship guru Bela Gandhi is back with the scoop on setting up your friends on a date.
8:40 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for How to help your BFF find love
to Hannah and her three closest pals helping her find a lasting love. Last night we sent Hannah out on four dates. I'm not laughing because it didn't go well. Actually I can't wait to hear this. Four different guy, one night, four different dates, her friends and a dating expert watched the whole thing and critiqued. Let's see how it went. Our mission to find Hannah love began yesterday on "Gma." Good luck to you guys. Reporter: With the help of her personal cupids, aka her three best friends. Ready to go. Reporter: Hannah went looking for love. And on three, one, two, three. Hannah. Reporter: Four guy, one night, her best friends in her corner and a dating expert with some last-minute tips. The best way to start out a first date is with a hug. Get your attitude right. And the best way to get them to like you, like them first. Always look for three good things about this person on the date and when you put yourself in that mind-set first it's going to make you see what's good instead of focusing on what's not right. Reporter: So let the dates begin. Good. How are you? You look lovely. These are for you. Thank you so much. They're beautiful. Where are you from originally. I grew up in northern new Jersey. I go to montclair now. We're talking Jersey. Long distance. Geographically undesirable. I'm a Jersey boy all the way. He was really interesting. Had a lot of great qualities and things to bring to the table. The only thing is I just didn't feel a spark from the conversation. Welcome to my humble abode. It's nice. I actually got you a little pre-valentine's day gift. Coming in hot. Gave me this great book. Gifts are definitely getting better but if I don't get a puppy by date four, I'm out. What do you like to do? What gets you going? I guess my hobbies when I travel -- She definitely seems a little flirtier. Yeah. This time around. Yeah. What's the one thing in the city that you haven't done that you like, dang, I really need to do that. Well, this is a made up thing. Okay. So, I have a goal of mine to lead a pizza tour of New York City. Pizza tour. And you know what he'd be the first to find -- Rent the school bus, get all my friends together and like go around to random pizza shops in the city. He seems to be into food and knows good areas. What do you do for fun? What's your jam? I do a lot of stuff. Yeah. He she's -- is asking one question. She's asking ten. Trying to fill voids at certain points of the conversation. It was really nice meeting you. Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. Now we'll just have to see who Hannah chooses. We are here with Hannah, her best friends and dating relationship expert Bela Gandhi. Yes. You know what, I love the behind the scenes. You were eating popcorn. I didn't have dinner. I was starving. How do you think your dates went. Going on four dates in one night is a new experience for me. Would you recommend it? Yes, you can balance it if you're a good conversationalist. If you have the time, go for it. What did you think overall. It was great. What was interesting, they all were very different so able to have unique conversations with each one of them and definitely bond on different things. Bela, you behind the scenes. You saw the whole thing. What is your take on it? Your feelings about the dates. I think the first dates shook out like most first dates, we saw the profiles of the guys beforehand. So we had predictions based on paper who was going to be a better match than whom. Sounds like a horse race. Guess what happened, guess what happened in real life when you put two people together, the sparks start flying when you least expect it. She bonded with certain people -- there was eye contact. There was leaning in. There was smiling. There might have been a look. Lean this way. Direct on. Direct on. Who knew that marys? So do you want to hear what the guys think? Yes. Come on out, gentlemen. ??? One kiss is all it takes ??? ??? One kiss is all it takes ??? You are brief souls. We thank you so much for doing this. I want to start with nihma. Fonsi wants -- you're not one of the bachelors as much as we all love you. Talk to me a little about being the first. Was it an advantage or a disadvantage. I think it was an advantage because I got a chance to make the first impression and set the bar high for the other guys to try to follow. Were you nervous, though, these guys are going to have a chance after me, I'll get this all warmed More nervous that like it's not every day you get a date filmed for TV so a little bit of that but we got to experience that together. That's your first shared experience. Yeah. So Brian, I want to talk to you about your choice to bring a book as a gift. Where did that come from. Hannah mentioned she liked traveling and liked to explore new things so I figured we're in New York City, best city in the world to find some cool spots around the city maybe we could explore together. Very smooth. Very well done. Don't you think? Max, we got to give Brian credit for that. What was your experience? Were you thinking this is going well, this is incredibly awkward? What did you think about Hannah. I liked Hannah a lot. I thought it was a little strange having people in the room and having it be filmed so I think I was a little nervous. You were. And finally, Chris, your takeaway from this. What would you say was the best part andst part. I think the best part was to have the new experience and meet someone in a unique way and for us to kind of have, you know, a lot of common things where we lived, bars we like to go to. I guess the bad thing was just kind of weird having cameras hit my way in. You were all in it together. You were all in it together and all have the same shared experience with Hannah. What did the friends think? We've heard from the guys. Michael, let's get the breakdown. Okay, we'll start Avery and Kelsey, do you think there's a potential suitor for Hannah in that group of guy. Yeah, I think all the dates last night went pretty well but there was one date in particular when it handed Hannah gave this little look which we think is a pretty good sign. The look. What's the look? Not appropriate for television. All right. Based on what you saw on the date, based on Bela's advice as well, you picked who you think should go on a date with Hannah. Yeah. Okay. On the count of three, I'm going to count down from three, we'll show who you picked. Three, two, one. Who is on your whiteboard? Bryan. He's moving fast. Ng fast. Moving very fast. He didn't waste any time. But I'm curious, Darius, why did you pick Bryan? I mean Bryan came in really hot with that book about speakeasies. That's a veteran move. Very unique and they definitely bonded about music which is really important for Hannah. They also had chemistry. The question is do you agree? You came over quickly. Oh. Go back? Hey, Bryan, Bryan, take that, man. Take that, take that back. Geez. We're back. Okay. All right. Now, bring it back. You're in luck, I did pick you, Bryan. Come on back. I like your enthusiasm, though. Well, Bryan, at least you must have recognized that look. I thought I did. For more dating advice from Bela, Bela, thank you so much, this Valentine's day, go to our website and Bela has more advice for you. Enjoy your next We've got a sweet forecast

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"Relationship guru Bela Gandhi is back with the scoop on setting up your friends on a date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61070135","title":"How to help your BFF find love ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/bff-find-love-61070135"}