Black Friday amazing home workout gear deals!

Senior vice president of merchandising at Dick's Sporting Goods, Carrie Guffey, shows us Dick’s great holiday deals on big brands like Nike, Adidas, Northface and more!
4:16 | 11/27/20

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Transcript for Black Friday amazing home workout gear deals!
been talking about, it is black Friday and it's taking off right now with so many of us stuck at home. Sales of home workout gear have been skyrocketing. Joining us now to talk about that as W as great holiday deals is Carrie Guffey senior vice president of merchandising at dick's sporting goods. Right to it, I found this interesting. Your company's e-commerce sales nearly doubled in the third quarter and in-store sales were also up significantly. All of this happening in a pandemic when so many businesses are struggling right now. What are the trends? What are people buying that's driving all of this? Yeah, that is exactly what we're seeing, so first I mean I will tell you the first thing we saw immediately as soon as the pandemic hit was the focus on fitness and personal wellness. You know, as the pandemic hit, people wanted to stay fit. They want to stay healthy and so we immediately saw a surge in fitness equipment, so think about the fact that people at home and they were uncertain if they could go back to their gyms and so what they did is brought the gym to their home and so we saw an immediate surge in treadmills, bikes, weight sets, kettlebells and they said I'm going to bring the gym back to me so that has been certainly a trend. The second thing I'd say is running has been a huge surge for us. So running footwear has been a huge win. We have seen increased sales from brooks and hoka and six. People want to run outside. It is an individual activity. Keeps you healthy and it's obviously safe. We see that as a huge win for us. And it continues to trend in the marketplace. I think a lot of us at the desk bought the at home equipment. I bought weights from China in kilograms so I have no idea I'm actually lifting so hopefully we'll get new gear into the stores today. I know, I'm doing the math in my head. That's exactly right. So today is Black Friday, though, and we usually see massive lines, people waiting outside to bust through the how has the pandemic changed in-store shopping this year? Yeah, so a couple thing, the first is we closed on Thanksgiving. That was a huge change for us, you know, we have been open on Thanksgiving for years and years. We made the decision that this was the year that we were going to close. We felt it was important for our teammates to be at home with their families and spend that time enjoying the holiday so that was the first thing we did. The second thing we did is that we extended the selling season so typic Y you would see black Friday deals really be concentrated on one day, maybe two, we said ten days, let's do ten days of great deals, let's not crowd our stores. Let's give people some space and some time to shop. That started earlier this month. It will continue until the end of this month. But we feel really good about that decision and it's really making people feel comfortable to come in our stores and shop. Carrie, forgive me. I'm so sorry. We just have time for one more question. I want to get this in. What kind of deals can they expect at dick's today? Some people online and some in the stores. What are the big deals out there today? Okay, the biggest deals, let's talk about golf equipment and fitness equipment. Those are huge deals so like I said get outside, bring your gym into your house. I'd also say that we're really focused on amazing athletic apparel as people are working at home, you know, they want to feel good and be comfortable but also want to look good so we've got some of our biggest brands, Nike and Adidas, on sale during this time. So come in, check us out. I'm most excited. I'm a mom. I've got two busy kids at home. I'm going to be checking out our own vertical brand dsg and before I leave I will be stocked up on dsg apparel for my kids and my active family. Carrie guffeyguffey, thank you for your time.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Senior vice president of merchandising at Dick's Sporting Goods, Carrie Guffey, shows us Dick’s great holiday deals on big brands like Nike, Adidas, Northface and more!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74426508","title":"Black Friday amazing home workout gear deals!","url":"/GMA/Living/video/black-friday-amazing-home-workout-gear-deals-74426508"}