How to craft your own unique holiday cards

Lifestyle expert Katie Brown stops by “GMA” to show us how to make festive DIY holiday cards.
3:31 | 11/16/19

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Transcript for How to craft your own unique holiday cards
We are here with some festive DIY. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it is time to start thinking about your holiday cards. And with about 1.6 million cards sent out for Christmas, you want to make sure yours is unique and special. So we've got lifestyle expert Katie brown in the house to walk us through some arts and crafts here. So, first question, though, the most important thing that people have to consider, how to take that perfect picture. Absolutely. And this is something I have about four good tips for that. First is take a lot of shots. When you think you've taken enough take more because it's very hard to get the perfect shot. Next if you have antsy kids put something in their hands, whether it's a mug or an ornament. That's a good idea. Yeah. Next, bring an extra set of hands. You always think, I've got this. I got this. No. Bring your grandmother around. Get your neighbor to come and actually take the shot so that you have -- Come on, grandma. Get in here. The other thing is, people are like, where's my light? The light goes behind you. Just rule of thumb, get the light behind you. The light behind you. The light behind you. I would think you would want the light on your face. Behind you then it kind of illuminates everybody there and everybody can find their light. All right. Let's jump in with the crafting here. So you guys look like a couple of diyers. This is what you do. This one especially. You can find my stuff on etsy any time you want. Your wife will be so proud when you come her and tell her what you did today. She will not believe me. So, I think envelopes. People tend to forget about the envelopes. That's the first people see and that's where you make your first impression. I've always said that. Haven't you? So all you do is take a sheet of vellum paper and use it as your guide. Kind of trace out what the inside pocket is going to look like, then use that as a pattern and cut it out then I want you to do this for me. Glue stick. Have you ever used a glue stick before? Oh, plenty of times. Love glue sticks. Put a little -- why don't we start with the back of the photo. This is a great way to not use that perfect holiday card -- picture that you have. Use some of your photos throughout the year. Something more playful. Absolutely. Get to have fun here and tuck it right in. He's doing it without any help. He's a pro. Isn't that fun so when you first open it up you got a pop of your family. It's a little questionable on the quality. I was trying to make him not feel bad. Can't get away with anything. Self-esteem is important here. Coming back for more DIY. Now that you've made fun of him we're going to see how good you are. All right. Put me to work. Every year I'm not going to lie, to me Christmas cards are a little bit of a competition. I fight with my sisters about who sends out the best one, I like to make the most of them that I can and I'm shooting for the tree. I want to make the tree. It's a great way to make a card that keeps on giving so I've turned these pictures into holiday ornaments, okay? And a great way to do it is to use some stamps, to use some tags. To get yourself blue sticks and I have this really great cork board you that can buy 50 of them for 11 bucks and sells adhesive. Use it as your pattern then I want to you cut out your photo, peel that back for me and attach it and see if you do better than our man Dan. A couple minutes there. Boom. Get a hole punch, pop it in. Try not to punch it through my hand. That would be bad. Especially in front of everybody. I got to send it to break. Katie, thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Thank you for declaring me the winner. I appreciate that. For more -- check out her new book, "Dare to see." Coming up, social media for

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Lifestyle expert Katie Brown stops by “GMA” to show us how to make festive DIY holiday cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67065099","title":"How to craft your own unique holiday cards","url":"/GMA/Living/video/craft-unique-holiday-cards-67065099"}