How entrepreneurs are building careers on Clubhouse

The invite-only social audio app, which connects people with similar interests, is being used as a way for many to expand their businesses or even find a gig.
3:46 | 02/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How entrepreneurs are building careers on Clubhouse
Michael, we turn to the invite only social app that is exploding in popularity. Yep, I'm talking about clubhouse. The all audio app connecting people with shared interests from tech to entertainment and, Rebecca, users are turning to the app to expand their businesses or even find a gig, Rebecca? Reporter: Yeah, it's very interesting, robin. It is entertaining like you said but a lot of people are now using clubhouse the way you might use linkedin or even a job application. Networking, getting to know new business, learning new skills, even landing a new job. Here's how. Clubhouse is an amazing, new app that is literally so freakin' cool. Reporter: Clubhouse, everyone seems to be talking about it. The audio only app. Reporter: This isn't your average social media app. Just scrolling through photos. Many network and build their business. My name is Michael Mccaul. I go by artist name blink. Reporter: Mike uses clubhouse to market himself. It's not just your entire friend group on Facebook and all your followers on Twitter, you know, you're joining rooms where it's top executives, culture shifters, you know, influencers in their own spaces. Reporter: Some big names, Barbara Corcoran and drake and Tiffany haddish and celebs aren't the only ones using their voices on clubhouse. Web developer Charlene brown owner of Brooklyn custom designs is using the app to expand her business and help others. I try to answer as many questions as possible from a lot of the different people that float in and out of the room. I can see that what I'm saying and how I'm helping is actually benefiting people immediately. Reporter: Filmmaker and community activist Etienne Maurice says he's been able to cure rate a space for black creatives building the largest film and entertainment club on the app called filming while black. It's helped me find my voice and to be able to, you know, build my community of black creatives is really a beautiful experience. Reporter: We love that and so here are some best practices if you're thinking of how to use clubhouse to expand your business or even land that new first of all, do set a time limit. Be deliberate. Don't fall down the rabbit hole. It is an entertaining app but you're using it for specific second, start small. Do start smaller with smaller rooms and learn the technical aspects of the app so that once you enter into one of these larger higher stakes rooms maybe with some celebrity, you're ready to go. The don'ts. Do not invite just anyone onto the app. You have invitations once you become a member. Think about these as job recommendations. Would you recommend this job for a job? If you put that invitation out there your name will always show up next to theirs inside the app and finally, don't just follow any topics or any people because once you start following people, the app delivers back to you various conversations that you can get involved in and as a result of that, robin, you really want to tailor them to your objective. The good news, you don't need a backdrop like this. It's audio only to make it work for you. I was going to say a do is go to boca raton. That looks really nice where you are right now and you deserve enjoy. As always. Reporter: Thank you. Safe travels back home.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The invite-only social audio app, which connects people with similar interests, is being used as a way for many to expand their businesses or even find a gig. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75941386","title":"How entrepreneurs are building careers on Clubhouse","url":"/GMA/Living/video/entrepreneurs-building-careers-clubhouse-75941386"}