'Give me your gram': introducing vegan guru Jenne Clairborne

Jenne shares tips for making vegan-inspired meals on her instagram @sweetpotatosoul.
3:21 | 07/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Give me your gram': introducing vegan guru Jenne Clairborne
Now to our segment which we call "Give me your 'gram" and this week we're introducing you to a foodie you need to follow whether you're vegan yourself or just in need of dinner inspiration. Jenee Claiborne has a recipe for you. Take a look. Hi. I'm Jenne Claiborne from sweet potato soul. I'm a vegan chef and all around vegan extraordinaire. Reporter: She is a Georgia peach living in Los Angeles sharing her plant-based lifestyle and passion for veganism with more than 330,000 followers. Hosting lifestyle tips, cooking tutorials and delectable dishes for the whole family. Colorful, nutritious, easy to make, approachable and fun. Reporter: The new mom has shared her vegan adventures for more than ten years. As a journey I didn't become vegan overnight and a lot of people don't, so take your time, you have fun with all the recipes out there because they can definitely inspire you to go vegan even more quickly. And her sweet potato soul cookbook is the perfect place to start featuring 100 everyday vegan recipes full of southern flavors and a generous sprinkling of soul. What I hope people take away from my account is an excitement for eating, an excitement for veganism. I try to just share it as naturally and truthfully as I possibly can. And Jenne Claiborne joins us now with some vegan expertise. Jenne, you're great. Thanks for coming on. Really appreciate it. Thanks for having me. You're a vegan guru now. I went vegan about two years ago, and I messed myself up in an uncountable number of ways. So, what's your advice for beginners? Well, definitely transition. For a lot of people this is a totally radical change, so start to implement more vegan meals into your life every day, every week, every month, and over time you'll crowd out those nonvegan foods. I found eating oreos and white bread wasn't good. Speaking of how to diversify one's diet, you've got the superfoods you want to tell us about. What are they? Yeah, so first off, of course, our sweet potatoes, my favorite food. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of vitamin a, vitamin C and a great anti-inflammatory but, of course, they're also full of fiber and so many things you can do with them. Second is walnuts. I think walnuts are kind of overlooked for their versatility. They are a super great source of omega fatty acids, but you use them in everything from savory preparations or sweet or snack on them and lastly are lentils. You should be eating lots of lentils. They are a great source of vegan protein and fiber, and they're just an all around again very versatile food. All right. These look great. I don't know that I know how to cook any of this stuff but glad to know these ingredients are available. It's outside of your rice and kale -- Can you just take a bite out of a sweet potato? Anyway. Jenne, awesome account. We'll all be following you. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Jenne shares tips for making vegan-inspired meals on her instagram @sweetpotatosoul.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71730598","title":"'Give me your gram': introducing vegan guru Jenne Clairborne","url":"/GMA/Living/video/give-gram-introducing-vegan-guru-jenne-clairborne-71730598"}