The latest wall design trends from 'Better Homes and Gardens'

The magazine's director, Amy Brightfield, demonstrates how to revamp your wall space with murals, plants and more, live on "GMA."
3:24 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for The latest wall design trends from 'Better Homes and Gardens'
insta-upgrade series. This morning we're focusing on some of the hottest new trends in home decor and Amy brightfield from better homes and gardens magazine is here to show us. Hi. All three of the trends you're highlighting this morning have a common theme. They're all walls. So you're creating an accent wall which is super easy because you can change it, it's one wall, then the rest of the decor in the room doesn't have to work as hard. I love that. Tell us about the first insta-wall update. The first update is we're creating a gallery. So you can use this to display family heirlooms, a collection of plates, photos, art. First map it out. What you want to do is set out everything that you're going to put up and you want to trace it and cut this out so you don't put a nail in and then have to move it. Very smart. You want to put the largest piece at eye level. So turn it around, guys. Turn it around. You can turn it around. Turn it around. Turn it around. Come on. That looks great. So the biggest piece is at eye level. The biggest piece is at eye level and arrange everything else around that. That's fun. I like that, very cool. And I love not having holes in the wall. So we'll move on to the next upgrade. A wall mural. So we had these great patterns. These are from minted. It's super easy because you just peel off the back. I thought this was it on the other side. This is a wall mural so this is one and this is one pattern and then you can just peel it off and this is another pattern which is a seam -- well, this is part of it. So you can do like a painting or a seam. You want to prep the wall the day before and start putting it -- it comes in panels and start putting it panel by panel. So then when you -- okay, turn it around, guys. When you're done you've got a whole mountain scene. Oh wow. Can they be your own pictures? You can send a picture to be blown up and do any kind of That's so cool, especially in kids' rooms. They come with kids' patterns, everything. Very cool. All right, all right. We've got our final update. The final is the super so the final one is super easy, changing up what you have on your bookshelves. So what you're going to do is instead of books you're going to put plants on your shelf. Plants are super healthy and so here we have like a trend which is pink in plants to brighten up your home and plants boost your mood and everything. So turn it around. Oxygen levels. Turn it around. That was a little creepy, Easter bunny. So you can just arrange the plants -- you can arrange the plants or do your Easter egg hunt in it too. You can arrange the plants. Succulents are great because you don't have to water them a ton. You can put tables against the wall. You can change them out. We have these pretty vases so it's a super easy decor upgrade. I love it. Thank you very much, Amy. Great ideas for everyone for any budget too which is awesome. Any budget, super easy. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The magazine's director, Amy Brightfield, demonstrates how to revamp your wall space with murals, plants and more, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62503222","title":"The latest wall design trends from 'Better Homes and Gardens'","url":"/GMA/Living/video/latest-wall-design-trends-homes-gardens-62503222"}