Meet the couple who will receive the ultimate DIY wedding

Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera and "GMA" sponsor Michaels are giving one lucky couple the ultimate DIY wedding.
4:19 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for Meet the couple who will receive the ultimate DIY wedding
celebrity wedding plann David tuteshere, a partner with our sponsormichael's. We love Michael's here to help crafty bridend groom katlin and Keith. Your story first. Meet Keith and katlin, twentysomethings from on, Ohio truly believe I love at first sig swipi right in on the dating appumble leading to their first D which lasted O eig hours th the pair Shutt down a local restaurant. T S jus so natural even from the first date we never run out ofhings to talk about.we're constantly laugh and finding out new things about each other Reporter: T love ofdiy is the glue if you willt bonds them together from painting their E, constructing a fire pit to learning calligraphy. Keith even proposiith a hand ma wooden ring The DIY wedding is super citing because you'll get to see theits of yourlabor. We don'tt anything cookie cutter we always want somet tt really speto O personalities and lets us shine through on our day. Orter: The ce conquering all Thi DIY and now theirgest project yet, their wedding. Eot our marriage certific And we're getting married. Right here. W does thatel, katlin and Keith. So, so surreal. Just over T years ago we were ourirst date and now we're here. Now I getoarry the love of my life Y know. , Well, we'll help you D it so is T guy David. I'm excited. DI weddings can be S personal and perfect. What D we havehe bouquet. It's importto get as much of a personality and story THA you can when put your wedding together so thiss from my line at Michael's starting with T basics. Conshis more like a blank canvas and you build froit. I know a little about two you and your sty which is a little bit oftraditio a little B of country rustic in there. Every one of these is completely different to a dif styled couple but I'll through real quy and get a sense ofthis. Adding a little arkle, a lot is from myli a lot is from down the aisle. Show this. Absolutely. So pretty. S adds the autiful, beautiful like old Hollywood touch and you can add pearls into this and add a lit bit of glitz andlam squader and the ribbon. Now, this is more of a modern approach. A modern approach succulents are on trend so the succulents added into T uquet, handle, piece of Jew from aisle. Ths summer. I like that. You car it with W you're wearing. Maybe will. Bold colors is exactly works so ghe Flo and ribbon, ag beginning to pl that in cre a wonderful look. The one, here into the rustic. You vibing on thisone. Burlap fls, touchesf pearl, all this again I T original bet which W this here,have romantic. Romantic THA blush, tt ft color, again, aonderful piece of jewelry. Pearl, thewers ain, this gives Yo that combion so our goal for yous to B the two personals toge. S I our rorschachest because we'll take whatever you say and bill on it. Which of these themes, katlin, I'll let katlin do the honors speato you so we can take it D The traditional is what iad in mind. Really O you're going back the little bit of glam. Simple and -- Mayi? T's for you. Should I catch it? You take that. So, LI, you have 4 hours thousand to put this all together. You guys get arted. Katlin and Keith, go. David, take them. Get G.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera and \"GMA\" sponsor Michaels are giving one lucky couple the ultimate DIY wedding. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55529891","title":"Meet the couple who will receive the ultimate DIY wedding ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/meet-couple-receive-ultimate-diy-wedding-55529891"}